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Detox foot aqua spa machine can examine your health condition

July 16, 2009, Shenzhen, China- With the development of economy and technology, people health condition gets poorer and poorer because of living and working stress, environmental pollution and other problems. Many people suffer from rheumatism, hemorrhoids, frostbite, allergies and even heart problems, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure etc. Many of them have to undergo great physical pain or mental anguish during treatment, nevertheless get discomfort results. However, if being early detected, those disease can be cured or prevented easily and people will live a healthier and more beautiful life.

 In recent years, there appears a popular way for your health condition examination in advance, that is, ionic detox foot bath which also called detoxifying foot spa. People get unhealthy physical condition because of excessive toxins accumulating in body. Those toxins accumulation will affect normal metabolism of human body and cause diseases and cancer. Foot spa suing an Ionic detox foot aqua cleanse machine can decompose the aqua (water) into positive and negative ions. Those negative ions can permeate into your body through the pores of the foot. The positive and negative ions in the body create biochemical reactions and release energy and speed up the metabolism. Then flush out the toxins.
 The colors of the water can reflect your body organs condition. This is the most important for examination of your body health condition. Following are detailed information on colors changed during ionic detox foot spa. If the aqua is: Yellow-green means detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract-female/prostate man; Orange means detoxifying from joints; Brown means detoxifying from liver, tobacco, cellular debris; Black means detoxifying the liver; Dark green means detoxifying from the gallbladder; White foam means lymphatic system; White cheese like particles means most likely yeast; Black flecks means heavy metals; Red flecks means blood clot material. So you can take care of your body in accordance to the referenced colors.

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