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Detox foot spa treatment enhances both health and longevity

Detox foot spa is an ideal way to rejuvenate your body. The system helps your body rid itself of harmful toxins that get accumulated in your system overtime. The best part of the detox foot spa is that you can use the system in the comfort and privacy of your home with the help of home-use detox foot spa devices such as the Bioenergiser Classic Detox Foot Spa System and the Bioenergiser Professional Detox Foot Spa System.

 Your body is blessed with its own natural detoxification system comprising of organs such as the liver, kidney, the digestive tract, lungs and skin. The detoxification process is carried out continuously to help your body get rid of harmful toxins. But this system may not always work so efficiently. Increased amounts of pollutants in the environment do not allow your bodys natural detoxification process to carry on its functioning. In addition, your bodys internal detoxification system may also get affected because of smoking, consuming caffeine, eating processed foods and not eating enough fruits and vegetables.
 As a result, toxins are unable to leave your body and thus get accumulated inside your body. Due to a build-up of these toxins inside your body, you may experience lethargy, headache, bad and blemished skin, as well as breath and body odour problems. In addition, your immune system becomes weak so you become prone to various other diseases and conditions. It therefore becomes crucial to carry out detox treatment and help your body function at its best.

 About detox foot spa

 Detox foot spa is a very simple and novel way of eliminating toxins from your body. Today, there are a large number of detox foot spa treatments available on the market that offers you the convenience to carry out the process at home. You just need to place your feet in the detox foot spa treatment unit for just a few minutes. Using the process of electrolysis, the device helps to re-balance and re-hydrate your bodys cells and help your body get rid of the toxins that build-up over time.

 Benefits of detoxification

 There are immense benefits of detoxification. Some of the benefits of detoxification have been discussed below:

 Healthier body Because of fewer toxins, your bodys natural immunity is improved. You therefore suffer from fewer allergies and aches and pains. Besides, the quality of your skin and hair also see an improvement.

 Pure mind You experience inner calm and mental peace with the elimination of toxins from your body.

 Youll feel rejuvenated A body full of toxins tends to have bigger body mass and is overweight. By eliminating the toxins, you feel lighter, healthier and more energetic.

 Living longer By reducing stress on your bodys natural detoxification system the lifespan of organs such as the liver, kidneys and bowels is increased. In addition, by keeping your body free from toxins you become a lot healthier. These factors enable you to live longer.

 Side effects of detox foot spa

 There are no known side effects of using the detox foot spa. Advanced detox foot spa unit such as the BioEnergiser Foot Spa are medically tested for their safety and efficacy. However, its advised that pregnant women, people who suffer from epilepsy, people with organ implants and people who have had a pacemaker fitted should consult a doctor before using the detox foot spa.

 What you get with your Detox foot spa?

 Trusted detox foot spas such as the BioEnergiser Foot Spa typically come along with everything you need to carry out the detox foot spa like:

 Foot spa bowl
 Array coil
 Power supply
 Control unit
 30 bowl liners
 Low sodium salt
 Measuring spoon
 Nylon storage bag
 Instructional DVD



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