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  • Detox Liver Diet – Best Fatty Liver Disease Diet Guide

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    Cleansing Through A Detox Liver Diet

    Upon finding out that I had fatty liver disease a couple of years back, I was determined to discover a solution on how I could treat my sickness and came upon detox liver diet. Fatty liver disease is because of excessive fat build up in the liver (a fat called triglycerides), so a healthy detox liver diet is advisable.

    Detox liver diet has been becoming more and more well-known nowadays. Simply, a detox liver diet is all about taking the right food to detoxify the fat built up in the liver. I attempted to learn more about fatty liver disease and probable detox liver diet plans that I can follow.

    Recently, a good friend of mine who is a nurse suggested that I read “Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook” by Nurse Dorothy Spencer. In her book, she gave an easy-to-learn introduction on fatty liver disease – its causes, symptoms, and treatment. One of her recommendations is to follow a diet that can assist enhance the liver’s function. It is much like a detox liver diet if you ask me.
    In the detox liver diet plan, which you can educate yourself about in Chapters eight to eleven, I learned about the essential vitamins and minerals and the essential food groups when undergoing a detox liver diet. Nurse Dorothy suggested the one Week Diet Plan and she suggested lots of recipes that helped me in my detox liver diet. Chapter 11 of the e-book states that a proper detox liver diet should include food with low fat content (no saturated fat), high fiber, and complex carbohydrates.

    When I had to go to the hospital for my routine check-up, I observed that I was feeling quite much better. After my tests, I discovered that my conditions were getting better. It was probably the detox liver diet that I had been having.

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