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Detoxification – Why Do We Do It And How Can We Help

Webster’s Dictionary defines detoxification as “to rid of poison or the effects of alcohol or drug use”. Detoxification is very important to the body’s healthy bodily functions. Without this process the body becomes unbalanced, works harder and has a difficult time absorbing vitamins and minerals so with time we become ill or worse.

The body detoxifies itself in many natural or normal behaviours when we go to the bath room, through urine and fecal matter, every living thing does this. There are other ways, like sweating, vomiting, diarhea, coughing, sneezing and some subtle ways like spitting, hair loss and the sloughing of dry skin.

When we smoke or consume such things as alcohol, fried food, red meat and processed food we increase the toxin levels in our body. Organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin play a significant role in ridding us of these harmful levels. If these organs are not able to eliminate all toxins because they are overloaded, our body lets us know.

We may experience:

 Low energy
 Skin problems
 Aches and pains where we had none before
 Digestive problems
 Cold, flu, or a fever, all of which can lead to a severe sickness or disease.

Detoxification is vital for the healthy function of the immunity systems; purifies the blood, and helps fight against diseases like cancer and to cleanse the digestive system. Moreover weight loss and detoxification go hand in hand. If the body is completely free of toxins and waste there will naturally be weight reduction and who does not what to lose some extra pounds naturally?

We have a choice on what we eat, drink, clean yourselves or our home with. We can minimize the use of chemical-based household cleaners and personal health care products such as soaps, shampoos, deodorants and toothpastes, and substitute them for natural alternatives, (Please read all labels). Buy organic or natural made foods and beverages. Try not to consume excessive amounts of coffee, alcohol, red meat, process foods, refined sugars or saturated fats and do not smoke! In making just these simple choices, you have already improved your detoxification levels.

There are some ways you can Detox your body at home. Let’s start with these few easy steps.

1. Start by decreasing your stress level by practicing relaxation methods such as meditation, breathing exercises or going for a walk or just having a Himalayan Salt bath.

2. Then drink plenty of lemon water at least 6-10 – 8oz glasses a day, it would be ideal if you can have two 8oz lemon water 20 minutes for a meal. This will help loosen and move the waste out more easily.

3. Try to eat a high fibre diet with lots of fruits and vegetables that are liquefied; like fruit or vegetable juice, homemade vegetable soups, protein shakes or smoothies. This also makes it easier for the body to release the toxins for the body. Remember to avoid things like coffee, alcohol, red meat, process foods, refined sugars and saturated fats.

4. Increase your physical activity, even short walks help. For those of you, who are already doing some physical activity, do not overdo it.

Now that your body is working hard releasing toxins, you should be taking it a little bit easier but still never stop moving. You can add self-massage or reflexology, Ion-Cleanses foot bath, a Colonic, Yoga, sauna/steam bath, dry skin brushing and do not forget to get plenty of sleep. It is very important to take your vitamins and minerals. It would be good to try this Detox first before doing any others.

There are many products out there to help your body to Detox, Liver Cleanses, Colon Cleanses, Blood Cleanses and so on; please do some research on ingredients, results and length of time required. Remember to ask a physician or health practitioner before starting any Detox program. Detoxification can last from a week to 3 months; you are the only one who can make that decision. But it does not matter what you decide, you will feel better for it and your body will thank you too. You should wait at least 3-4 months until starting another Detox program, this will help your body function more easily and smoothly, improving your health and well-being.

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