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Detoxify Your Body – Removing Toxins From Your Body

What are the effects of toxins and why should you detoxify your body?

Toxic by-products, also known as free-radicals will eventually attack and damage our healthy living cells. This damage can lead to heart disease, diabetes and cancers. While our body has natural defenses and even uses free-radicals to some degree, when the free-radicals become excessive is when harm can occur and why you should detoxify your body. We are exposed to toxins daily through the foods we eat, harmful chemicals, smog, smoking and other poisons all around us. Our organs, including the liver, lymph glands, kidneys and lungs all have a job of removing the free-radicals. However when these toxins get excessive our body needs additional help.

When do you need to detoxify your body?

Your body has natural defense systems that will give signs resulting from the effects of toxins. These indications include but are not limited to: Bad breath, constipation, depression, headaches, body aches, respiratory problems, digestion issues, anxiety and weight gain.

How do you detoxify your body?

There are several ways to detox that will help you to get rid of these toxins. Eating antioxidant foods (also known as super-foods), drinking green tea, fruit juices and water will all help to detoxify your body. You can also consider taking supplements to help you reduce the effects of toxins.

Sample Antioxidant Foods:

KIWI – Has very high content of potassium, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

ACAI BERRY – Contains powerful antioxidant properties including anthocyanin and flavonoids, known for helping your body fight toxins.

FISH – Contains Omega 3 (fatty acids), vitamins, minerals that aids your body in fighting infection, inhibit blood clotting and lower the chance of heart attack.

YOGURT – Has more calcium than milk, high content of probiotics which is good bacteria. Helps to avoid osteoporosis, improve immunity and lower the threat of digestive cancers.

BROCCOLI – Has large amounts of vitamins, Beta Carotene, Fiber and polyphenols that help fight cancer and improvement of your immune system.

Consider adding green tea to your daily menu. Green tea is very healthy for you and is also good to help detoxify your body.

Remember, to detoxify will help by removing excess toxins from your body and may help protect you from serious diseases. This is the most important reason why you should detoxify your body.

Another benefit is it can also help you with weight loss. How does it help weight loss? When you detoxify your body it will help improve your metabolism which will help your body burn off more fat resulting in better weight loss. This is commonly recommended as the first step in a good diet program.

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