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Downside of New Mammogram Guidelines

Despite the differing positions of the U.S. Services Task Force and the physicians themselves, are women willing to undergo regular mammogram tests for their health sake? Since it is them who will either suffer or benefit from stopping or continuing mammogram tests, the decision must come from them as well.

This is following the new U.S. breast imaging guidelines, recommending against routine screening mammograms for women in their 40s. Critics fear the change roots from the current drive of healthcare reform, and not to ensure women safety against breast cancer. They say it is a step backward that would lead too more deaths on the said type of cancer.

When regular mammogram screening began in 1990, deaths dropped for up to 30 percent.The critics are concerned that both the public and private insurers would use the guidelines to trim on health costs, rationing care at the end of the day. As a result, breast cancer deaths might go up again.

Experts are firm on holding on the old guidelines and continue recommendations on routine mammograms. However, this change will surely have effect on women view of the importance on these routine checks. Dr. Len Lichtenfeld is worried that they could become confused by the conflicting recommendations and actually stop altogether ?the worst thing that could happen.

Doctors are concerned that private insurance companies and government insurers will control the rise of health costs by seizing recommendations. They could say, we are not going to pay for the mammogram tests because even the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force doesn support it. They will have a scapegoat not to cover the regular screenings.

The inconsistency of the recommendations with the current science shows an apparent attempt to simply reduce costs. Sadly, however, women may pay it with their own lives. And this is more likely to happen. Besides the influence of the agency as well as of the insurers, women may take the screening for granted over other important expenditures, especially now that the economy is down.

If the problem is the cost, why not make changes with the cost itself? The government must do something to lower mammogram costs and not suggest that women quit or take screening for granted.

Women health must be the first priority here for life is priceless.

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