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Ellen Croft’s Supreme Pilates

You don’t have to search any longer for everything that you want to know about Ellen Croft’s Supreme Pilates machine. I have done the research for you, so that I can provide you with the information that you want – all about Croft’s Supreme Pilates reformer.

 ##Who is Ellen croft?

 Who is this woman that created the Supreme Pilates machine? She is a former horse training assistant, Pilates instructor and Pilates fitness expert and well know fitness celebrity.

 ##How is Supreme Pilates different than the rest?

 You may think that the supreme Pilates machine is just the same as all the other Pilates machines that you get, but you will be wrong.

 Here’s what makes the Supreme Pilates machine different from the rest:

 * It has added resistance and will make the exercises more intense. This will help you to get toned and leaner faster.
 * The form and the body of the machine is quite different from others and allows for more or different exercises to be done with it – giving you so much more exercise possibilities.
 * It combines Pilates mat work with studio equipment – making it a multi-tasking machine.

 ##What body parts are worked?

 The main focus is on your core area (the muscles of your lower back,abs and hip flexors). It will also give you an all over body workout that targets the upper and the lower body. You will lose weight and fat from your whole body if you use the machine enough and you follow a healthy diet.

 ##What are the benefits?

 The benefits that you can expect are as follow: increased flexibility, a more toned and defined body, a stronger core and you may even lose some weight with the calorie burn.

 ##Where to buy the Supreme Pilates machine?

 You might strugle a bit trying to find the Supreme Pilates machine. Your best bet is propable Amazon. The Aero Pilates machine is more readily available. It also offers you a cardio workout with the Pilates exercises. If you struggle too much to find the Supreme Pilates machine, give the Aero Pilates machine a go.

 These questions have hopefully helped you to make your decision whether to invest in Ellen Croft’s Supreme Pilates machine or not. If you want to buy one, you may find it hard to try. In such cases give the Aero Pilates machine a go, it is just as good.


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