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Experience Ultimate Cleanliness With Smartlotta

When it comes to personal hygiene, need has always lined the throne! Other than a place to catch up on your reading, comfort and thorough cleansing has never been practical or conveniently available . . . until now!

 The Bidet or Electronic Bidets is a method that uses stream of water for personal hygiene. These are now a days becoming popular because of its numerous benefits and most importantly Bidet toilet seats are also recommended by doctors for senior citizens and for people who are disabled in any manner.

 Youll quickly relax and enjoy the comfort of the Bidet toilet seatand soothing water stream that carefully cleanses the posterior and feminine areas. These bidets also helps to reduce illnesses that are caused by improper hygiene, way of washing hands etc. The Electronic Bidets is truly the best, personal hygiene product on the market today! Now everyone from young to old can enjoy the practical, life changing benefits of a personal bidet in their home!

 Our Smart Lotta SM-100 was designed keeping the following in mind:

 Very economical
 Extremely easy to install
 No major plumbing required
 No electricity needed
 Uses regular fresh water
 Saves hundreds of dollars of toilet paper
 Saves trees & thus the environment
 Fits 99% of all toilet seats
 Beneficial for elderly, handicapped & disabled.

 Smartlotta also provides bathroom bidet, electric bidet, shower bidet which provide more comfort than normal toilet seats at affordable prices

 Our goal, with proper consumer education and increased awareness about the health benefits that our Smart Lotta SM-100 can provide, is to make the Bidet Shop a pioneer and leader in this potentially fast growing market! If we properly strategize our marketing efforts, were certain that America will be the next Mecca to discover the wonders and benefits of the Bidet!



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