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Explaining How a Detox Foot Bath Works

Foot Detox has quickly become one of the leading ways that people are getting healthier in their lives. The basic premise for these systems goes way back, with the original form of foot detoxification coming 1600 years ago in a Japanese legend. According to the legend a group of people who had a wide range of ailments made a pilgrimage into the mountains. One night during this pilgrimage the group was looking for a place to rest for the night, and they found a hot spring coming out of the rocks of the mountain. With a decent place to rest for the night, the group decided to set beside the spring with their feet down in it to try to relieve the fatigue they felt. Upon waking the next morning, the group realized that not only was their travel weariness gone, but in totality they felt the best they had in many years. Once the group had completed their pilgrimage and made it back home they each had startling news coming from their physicians. Each of them was found to be completely devoid of the illnesses they had been afflicted with prior to their trip into the mountain.

From this the idea of foot detoxification as a cure for many different afflictions was born. As the human understanding of the way the body works has gotten better, we have come to understand far better how foot baths can in fact be used as a cure to many common illnesses. While these original options worked as well as anything at the time could have been expected to, with advancements in research and technology the options have gotten far more stable and effective.

The biggest step forward in terms of getting real value out of a detox foot bath came in the realization that the human body is made up of many electrically charged cells. With this also came the realization that if those cells are electrically charges that it stands to reason that those charges can in fact be pushed out of balance. When the body’s cells are out of balance they are less able to facilitate the functions necessary to keep a person healthy. In essence these slight imbalances are the reason a body becomes less able to fend of illnesses. The real frustrating part about this is the fact that there is a built in cycle that gradually gets worse. As more illnesses enter the body they can actually wind up throwing the body further out of balance, thereby allowing an even greater chance of new illnesses being introduced.

This is exactly what the Detox Foot Bath is made to counteract. By introducing a healthy electrical current into the body through the feet the bath is able to gradually bring the body back into balance. As the body comes back into balance there will be a natural purge of toxins and heavy metals from the entire body. This cleansing is what eventually creates a noticeable more healthy body for anyone who uses the bath.

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