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Fenugreek Tea Is A Wonder Tea

Amazing really that we can learn more and more from ancient cultures. Fenugreek tea has many health benefits dating back to Ancient Egypt.

 Fenugreek is a herb that is grown in the Mediterranean regions of Southern Italy, Greece, Cyprus, etc. but also in North Africa and India. You will often come across it in cooking. When it is dried and ground, it is a sallow yellow color and contains a great many beneficial minerals, alkaloids and fiber.

 Fenugreek tea is wonderful for the digestive system and the fiber it contains swells when it comes in contact with fluids so it works as a laxative. It has a long history of helping not only with digestive problems but also to encourage bowel movements. It is also effective if you have bad breath.This is why it is often a component in detox teas.

 Not only that it lowers blood pressure, relieves congestion, reduces inflammation and is good to drink when you have a temperature.

 Its also great to loosen and remove excess mucus from the body, so it helps when you have a cough or even bronchitis.

 You can easily make the tea by putting a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a saucepan and pour a liter (roughly 34 fluid ounces) of water on it. Bring it to a simmer for around fifteen minutes. Strain and drink. You can drink it hot, warm or cold. Like many herbal teas, it is good sipped throughout the day. Another recipe recommends soaking 500 mg (just a pinch 1/10th of a teaspoon) of the seeds in around 5 ounces of cold water and leave them steep for about three hours. Strain and use the liquid as tea.

 You can also brew up a batch and use it topically to treat inflammation of the skin, muscle pain, gout and arthritis. It also helps heal wounds and skin ulcers.

 As you can see fenugreek tea can help our bodies in so many ways and has done so for many centuries. Its definitely a herbal tea you want to keep in your medicine cabinet.


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