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Foot Detox – Is it a Scam

Introduction to Foot Detox

Foot spa, foot detox is known as Ashiyu in Japan. It is a procedure that soaks the feet in a low hot spring. When the feet get warm, then the whole body will be warm.The whole body will loosen up just like taking a bath in a hot spring.

Foot detox came from Japan 1,600 years ago. It is used there to cure sickly old people and monks who are in pilgrimage. Foot detox is usually done in the hot spring flowing out of the rock at night. The old sick Japanese people soak their feet in this hot spring before going to bed at night to release stress and exhaustion. This will result in a healthier morning every time they wake up.

The Modern Foot Detox

Modern foot detox is done by soaking the feet for 30 minutes in a water and salt bath energized through a low-voltage electrical current. Makers claim that you can dramatically detox through the feet. They say that positively charged ions are sent into the body which attach themselves to negatively charged toxins and they are drawn out of the body through the feet.

On the other hand, none of manufacturers in Japan maintain that it can do detoxification through feet. They just maintain that it can assist in revitalizing the health, eliminating exhaustion and other stress-related sickness.

The Reality on Foot Detox

Are the benefits of foot detox really true? In fact, there is no medical proof that they remove toxins from the body. Manufacturers claim that the water changes color due to the release of toxic substances through the 2000 pores of the soles of the feet.Toxins from the joints are supposed to turn the water orange or brown, toxins from the kidneys turn the water yellow and if the water turns black water it indicates that the toxins have been released from the liver, gallbladder or bowel. Skeptics claim that the color changes are due to oxidation of the iron in the water.

As a result of experiments done on the water by skeptics some manufacturers now put more emphasis on the “balancing” of “energy” instead of the removal of toxins.There is no doubt that many practitioners really believe they enable the body to release toxins by balancing the body’s energies and there are many people who will testify to the fact that their symptoms and health improved after a course ofionic foot detox treatments.

Some doctors who practise live blood analysis have found that there were clear improvements in the blood of people who had been treated with the ionic foot detox. Cells that were preciously clumped together became separate and were able to move freely in a healthy manner.

Western medicine does not seem to understand energy in the same way as the Chinese. According to Chinese medicine experts, there are spontaneous effect areas in the feet which relate to all parts of the body.Reflexology, the ancient art of treating the body through the feet, is based on this fact . So even though the energy difference cannot be measured in a way that satisfies mainstream Western medical doctors it does not mean that we should dismiss this foot detox as a scam.

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