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Foot Spa Detoxification, Based on the Work of Doctor Rife

Royal Raymond Rife was, perhaps, the greatest medical scientist of the twentieth century and yet, sadly, very few people have ever heard of him. He died of alcoholism in obscurity in 1971. Royal Rife was the inventor of the “Dark Field Microscope” and this he did in the 1920s. His “Universal Microscope”, magnified objects 60,000 times, and this made him the first man in history to view a living virus. Ironically most of today’s scientists using powerful electron microscopes are viewing dead bio-organisms, because the powerful electric field of their equipment kills the virus. Rife, a brilliant inventor was the “Father of Electronic Medicine”, which he used very successfully to treat cancer patients in his clinic in San Diego in the 1930s.He suggested cancer was a virus and was able to facilitate cures by killing the virus with an electronic frequency generator.

Aqua Detox treatment is based on equipment developed by Royal Raymond Rife in his hey-day back in the 1930s. It has however been updated to take into account more recent technology, by naturopath and homeopath Mary Staggs. Rife found, as we see with increasing frequency today, that toxins assault the body, and it seems the number of these are rising at an alarming rate. These poisons cannot be excreted effectively; as they build up they cause electrolyte imbalances within the cells. This accumulation prevents them from absorbing nutrients and effectively getting rid of waste. Iranian Doctor F. Batmanghelidj in his book: “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” stresses the problem is further aggravated because most people drink far too little water. Thus dehydration and toxicity are the root cause of most of the congestive and degenerative diseases prevalent today.

“The Aqua Detox” foot-spa treatment requires the feet to be placed in a salt-water solution, as this is a good medium in which to produce an electric charge. The feet are selected as they contain over 2,000 pores. They are the end point of the lymph system and let’s not forget the entire blood supply passes through the feet given sufficient time. In more complex cases the “Aqua Detox” equipment, comprising two spiral shaped electrodes can similarly be introduced into a bath for full immersion. The electrodes produce a charge that resonates around the whole body, this balances the cells, and at the same time facilitates the release of toxins.

The treatment seems to re-balance the body’s energetic field and improves oxygen and other nutrients to the tissue. The client comes away with a spring in her step, usually reporting a feeling of overall well-being. GDV or “Gas Discharge Visualisation” photography shows a definite improvement in the client’s energy field when before and after shots are compared. There is however a warning. This type of treatment should not be used by people with pacemakers, if they are epileptic or pregnant. But reports are more than encouraging for everybody else.

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