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Foot Spas For Feel-Good Feet

Foot Spas are among the most heavenly products you can buy when you are looking for something to send you into a state of bliss at the end of a hard, tiring day.

Ladies, a high-quality foot spa can come very close to duplicating the soothing experience you have when you go to a nail salon and have a pedicure. The first thing they do is put your feet in that wonderfully warm, pulsating water. For me, this is by far the best part of the salon experience, and I am sorry when it is over. I could sit with my feet in that warm water for hours.

But with a foot spa at home in my bedroom or living room or where ever I want to be, I can have an experience that’s very close to the one at the salon. I can enjoy that sensation of having my feet in that water for as long as I want to. Plus, I don’t have to be concerned with the issues that go along with any kind of appointment, i.e, how much should I tip, etc.

I’ll mention here that some foot spas or foot baths, as you probably have noticed, are described as ionic or detoxifying. The basic concept of an ionic foot spa is that by adding the proper electric current to the water, the water molecules divide, producing negative ions. The negative ions seek out positive molecules to attach to. They find them in your feet, if your body contains foreign matter such as harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Once the negative ions attach to the positive molecules of the yucky stuff, then all of that is eliminated from your body. The water supposedly turns different (dark) colors to reflect this other stuff that’s then in the water instead of in you.

Personally, I have never used one of these ionic foot baths. I don’t think I would like to see my feet in dark, murky water. As for the claims to actually detox your body…I don’t know. I’m not sure what to think of the claims. A perusal of the internet will find heated discussions about these products. Some people are true believers and others are skeptics.

My reasons for using a foot spa at home have to do less with science (a lot less!) and more with luxury. In my own home I can totally relax and have a cup or tea or a glass of wine while I watch TV and pamper my feet in my very own foot spa …for as long as I want to!

It doesn’t get any better than this, unless George Clooney dropped in for the evening.

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