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Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Flowers

We all know the vitality of flowers in our life. But now with the changing trend nature fresh flowers are replaced with artificial flowers or commonly known as real touch flowers. Since last few years the popularity of real touch flowers has increased a lot. They are used in many different ways, like decorating the indoors and outdoors of your home making it more gracious. Using flowers in decorating the wedding venue is also one of the best ways of using these amazing flowers. But the elegance of these flowers comes along with many doubts, which we will be dealing with in this article today. Undeniably natural flowers is the beauty of the creator of the universe but the problem is after sometime natural flowers get wear out but artificial flowers never loose their brightness and freshness. You can use them for contemporary or traditional wedding venues and they really leave the venue gazing by the audience. There are few questions which are frequently asked by the majority of people who want to use artificial flowers but dont use due to some unsolved riddles.

1. Why are real touch flowers or artificial flowers better than natural flowers?

 Artificial flowers are customized flowers. Dont be scared of using artificial flowers, unless you use them you wont be aware of their uses. Artificial flowers are the image of natural flowers. You can check on with your online store or any nearby physical store and choose from the classy and the elegant array of flowers. The best about them is you dont have to worry about feeding these flowers, maintaining them, getting them trimmed time to time serving them with insecticides and many such things. The other plus about using real touch flowers is that you need not refrigerate them or carry them in an AC van to avoid them drool; rather you can port them anywhere in any weather condition.

2. Second thought which usually baffles nature lovers is that what are these imitation flowers made up of?

Dont worry none of the stuff is harmful, nor is this allergic. Most of the artificial flowers are made up of polyester. Some imitation flowers are made up of latex, paper, cotton, rubber, sateen, silk, and dried materials. Even the various parts of plants are made up of these, feathers, fruits and berries. The rich and royal flowers are bit expensive, and so is the material expensive such as silk, rayon and cotton fibers. For the stiffness of stems, wires are used; wire is wrapped with specially dyed and durable paper, and sometimes wires are wrapped up with stem tape also.

3. Are these real touch flowers available in different contemporary designs?

Its a myth that these flowers are not designers, rather real touch or silk flowers are more trendy and are blended with the latest fashion and design. You can have traditional bouquets and contemporary bunch of flowers as per the theme and need of the occasion. For example for bridal bouquets the silk flowers are used as they are bright and are considered as royal and style flowers.

4. Are these flowers really expensive than the natural flowers?

Ofcourse not, you can even avail them at a discounted price, during the off season and keep them safe for the big day.

I am sure these answers would have cleared most of your doubts and now you can wisely choose artificial flowers from the huge array of collection of flowers.To know more please visit our wesite bloombridal.com


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