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Get a Double Bonus! Pamper Your Feet and Detox!

You probably like to have your feet in a nice warm, soothing, and massaging foot bath and relax those exhausted feet after that long day at work. But, did you know that besides pampering your feet and having that, “ah, it feels so good” feeling, you can also detoxify your body. That’s right. You can cleanse yourself with a detox foot bath together with a detox diet.

How does the system work? Well, it’s quite simple. You’re going to bathe your feet anyway, so you might as well invest a thousand dollars in an ionic foot bath. What does this do and how does it detoxify you? Well, the process is quite simple. First, let’s explain what an ionic foot bath is. Instead of having a regular foot bath with a bubbler that massages your feet, an ionic foot bath has a modulator that has an electrode in the water which is connected to a regulator that adjusts the current to be of a very low amperage and ionizes the water.

The ionization process begins when the electric current is run in the water. What happens in the ionization process is that the electric current separates one hydrogen atom from the H2O molecule that makes up water. As the hydrogen atom is separated from the H2O molecule, the remaining hydrogen atom will have an extra negative electron. An electron is a particle that circles the atom which carries either a negative or positive electrical charge. Negatives and positives attract each other, so when you have two negative electrons in an atom, you have friction, such as an electric current. This is an electrical ion. You can actually see the ions form in the water as you watch the bubbling around the modulator in your foot bath. That bubbling may feel good for your feet by massaging them, but that’s actually the hydrogen atoms leaving as a gas from the water molecules in the water. This same current also has an electrically charged water which attracts the toxins to the water. Typically, the toxins will escape from your body through your feet through a process called osmosis.

Osmosis is the process where small particles exit into another substance through a small membrane. Your feet has pores in the skin, as well as also being the part of your body with the largest number of sweat glands. There are plenty of areas where these toxins can exit your body from your feet if only the conditions are right. As the toxins enter the water, you will notice that the water will change color. Though some of the color might come from the electrode as the metal corrodes, most of the darker colors actually come from the toxins in your body. The more toxins you have, the darker the water will be. For example, if you consume lots of alcohol, diet sodas, or processed food cooked in a microwave, you will notice that the water will turn quite dark.

A detox foot bath can give you the extra bang for your buck, if you buy the right kind. It’s a good idea to avoid the cheaper foot baths, as they are made from materials of lesser quality. Furthermore, as you go through the detox session, along side of the ionic foot bath, you should also take a special detox diet, which is typically drinking liquids and avoiding solid foods. This can be a wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices. Some teas, such as green teas can also be a good supplement in the detox diet.

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