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Getting Skinnier Is Now Possible Without Counting Calories

Getting Skinnier Can be A Reality Without Counting Calories

Most folks believe that calories are the enemy, since eating excess calories leads to excess fat, right? That’s why the general public thinks that the fastest way to shed pounds and getting skinnier is to chop way back on calories each day. Of course, if a dieter is eating 2,500 calories every day and they decide to chop back to 1,500 calories per day then clearly those additional one thousand calories have to end up in weight reduction, right?

Well, actually this is not exactly true. In fact, if you try to reduce your calories too drastically ( by starving yourself and skipping meals ) then you may quickly reach a dieting plateau. This is a point where it becomes impossible to lose more weight regardless of how little you eat.

If you are like most people, when you begin a new diet, you start skipping meals and cutting way back on calories in a plan toward getting skinnier by starving yourself, since you think that calories are the enemy. On the first day of dieting you are motivated to your goal of getting skinnier and decide to skip breakfast. Unfortunately, this inspiration doesn’t last for long, because after a couple of hours, your hunger starts making you’re feeling horrible. This is actually because your body is not used to this type of starvation, and your body is not used to being without calories for so long.
Eventually, in several hours , when it’s time for your next you feel so horrible and hungry that you have a serious headache. And it is about this time that you eventually begin to understand that starving yourself may not be the best method of getting skinnier after all. After this first day of starving yourself you’re feeling hideous, but you are determined to stick to your diet since getting skinnier is still a priority. And, mostly, you will likely continue on this diet. Or, if you’re truly motivated, serious, you may be able to continue with this torture for a week or two.

However, regardless of how long you stay on this type of diet, you will not get any slimmer using this type of weight reduction technique. And the final result will continue to be the same.

You see, even after two weeks of starving yourself you will not have achieved any serious weight reduction in any way. The reason for the reason is because the majority of the weight lost during a low cal diet is just water weight, and not real fat loss. Weight lost during a starvation diet will be gained back right away when you stop dieting and start eating routinely again. And sadly, your body will still look the same when you look in the mirror.
And why is that? When you starve yourself, your body will start burning fewer calories each day. For example, if you typically eat about 3,000 calories per day, and cut back significantly to 1,000 calories a day, your body will adjust to this new level. Even though you are eating two thousand fewer calories per day, your body will begin burning two thousand fewer calories each day. So your weight will stay the same even though you’re eating two thousand fewer calories a day.

Why else do you believe that shedding weight is so difficult? Why else do you think that our society suffers from a major weight problem which is getting worse?

It is due to the fact the solution to weight loss is the opposite of what most folk think. Most average people have been brought up to believe that eating “fat” is bad and that eating “fat free foods” is healthy.

If you’re serious about getting skinnier, download my new weight reduction system that sheds the weight quickly without the need to count calories. Download it now at Getting Skinnier Fast!

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