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Going To The Spa To Detox Foot Spa Detox 3 Ways

Your Face

Going to a spa to detox can be expensive. Why not create a spa in your home and enjoy a facial detox? Most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen cupboard. For a facial detox, fill a bowl with boiling water and add your choice of herbs. Drape a towel over your head and the bowl and bend over the bowl for five minutes. Apply yogurt and honey and use as a facial mask. Placing teabags or sliced cucumbers over your eyes will help with any puffiness. Your at home spa for a facial detox is cost effective and can be very relaxing.

Your hair

A scalp massage feels great! The entire body will benefit from a detox program even right up to your hair follicles. A trip to the spa to detox will most definitely stimulate your locks in addition to other benefits. Healthy blood circulation is complimented by a scalp massage so that the needed nutrients reach the hair follicles and shiny hair is the result. Oily hair will not require an intensive massage therapy. A friction massage leaves the scalp tingling and relaxed while a kneading motion covers the entire scalp in deliberate movements. A body detox benefits hair follicles from the inside while massaging the scalp promotes hair growth and sheen.

Your feet

With just the right balance of minerals in the water, going to the spa for a foot spa detox will do just good for a person’s well being. Stress is part of the world we live in and a foot spa detox will help in lessening the effects from allergies, dry skin, poor blood circulation and tired feet caused by stress. A foot spa detox can be done at home, using a machine to massage your feet and soothing warm water with Epsom salt to soak them in. Treatments can be done numerous times during the day and should last up to 30 minutes.

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