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Heal Acne Scars Faster in 4 Simple Steps

Whenever I have a problem, I want it solved as fast as possible. This is especially true when the problem is obvious like a saucer-size acne lesion that has left a scar. Kindly enough, Nature gave humankind ways to expedite the healing process. And so, in four simple steps, you can harness Nature’s wisdom to rush your acne scars to a healthy mending.

Step 1: Don’t drink alcohol

Everyone is telling us to do this. Mother’s Against Drunk Driving and the local police warn us to leave the booze alone. Now, your scars have joined the chorus.

Here’s why. Laboratories studies revealed that having consumed alcohol impairs the skin ability to grow new skin cells and blood cells after an injury, like a popped pimple. Additionally, a report from Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research found that alcohol consumption reduces the inflammatory response after receiving wounds. Proper wound repair involves a series of steps and inflammation typically happens once the skin has been compromised by a cut, gash, or in the case of acne scarring, excessive squeezing.

While this inflammation takes place, the wound is cleansed and new cells arrive to suture the injury. However, if the inflammation process is slowed by circulating alcohol in the blood, so is the healing process. Instead of downing whiskey shots, down some water instead.

Step 2: Drink more water

Two minutes ago, I just gulped down a huge glass of water because even the slightest degree of dehydration can slow down wound healing. Moreover, dehydration reduces blood flow and increases in chances of a wound infection. As you drink that water, relax and de-stress yourself.

Step 3: Reduce your stress level

Do you want your acne scars to heal ten days faster than normal? Try stress reduction. A study in the Lancet found that stressed women heal slower than women with less stress heal. In the investigation, researchers from Ohio State University College of Medicine tested the wound healing rates of women who cared for relatives with dementia to the wound healing rates of age and income matched women who did not tend to relatives.

One average, the women not watching relatives healed 10 days faster than their more stressed counterparts. Also, examiners found that the caregiver volunteers produced less interleukin-beta than the non-caregivers. After injuries, interleukin-beta contributes to rebuilding the skin’s tissue matrix.

Step 4: Apply zinc

You want to have the mineral zinc around when you have wound. Zinc helps facilitate skin rebuilding steps like creating keratinocytes. Keratinocyte cells manufacture the protein keratin which helps create the skin. Moreover, zinc’s antioxidant properties help remove free radicals and bacterial from wounds to expedite healing.

Additionally, according to a recent review of medicinal uses of zinc that appeared in Wound Repair and Regeneration, topical application of zinc should be considered for enhancing wound healing rates. To create your own zinc infused wound healing paste, just crush a zinc supplement and mix it with a teaspoon of a basic moisturizer. Next, smooth the mixture over your freshly cleansed acne scar to quicken its healing time. Now, just one question remains: How fast is your acne scarring going to disappear know that you know how to make it happen?

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