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Home Detox Recipes

Looking for home detox recipes? Read on…

Detoxification is the process of removing harmful toxins that have accumulated in your body. Most of these toxins we have accumulated from eating and drinking all of the wrong foods. We don’t think twice about ingesting all of our favorite fast foods and munchies. If you were to put a Hostess Twinkie in a time capsule for the next two hundred years, it would still be sweet, sticky and spongie. Just because Twinkies have all of these preservatives does not mean it will preserve your body if you eat them.

All of these processed foods and others will create toxins that your body stores. Many of these toxic substances will not simply leave your body by themselves. They store up and will attack your immune system as free radicals. Free radicals can cause a lot of serious molecular damage to your body’s immune function that will leave your body exposed to many serious diseases and illnesses.

To cause your body to detoxify itself is to eliminate the waste and toxins that are stored in your fat cells and other areas of your intestinal tract. While the body is in the process of detoxification, the body is flushing out all of the impurities that have been building up over the years, giving your body a cleaner bill of health and optimizing it’s sluggish system to work more efficiently.

Home detox recipes can range from a water fasting diet, in which the only thing you are consuming over several days is water. There are a few spins on the detox fasting recipes to include lemon juice, other fruit juices, or vegetable juice, etc. But the main thrust of a detox fasting is remain flush out the body’s system as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are advantages and disadvantages over these type of liquid detox home recipes.

In general, a detox diet has a certain food group within it’s target. Low-fat, low-carb is the key. All of the food must be natural and fresh with no preservatives added. This also means no processed foods are allowed. No meats are allowed, except fish. Raw nuts, whole vegetables, fresh fruit, brown rice, oats and some other whole grains are allowed.

The thrust is to detoxify your system with these natural healing foods that will wake up your body and cause it to begin the process of eliminating the impurities that it has been storing up.

Fresh Fruit Detox Recipe

Fresh fruit is a great way of flushing the system. A combination of apples, bananas, walnuts, strawberries and raisins with a few drizzles of honey makes an excellent meal for breakfast or brunch.

The Apple Diet Recipe

This involves only using apples in your detox diet. Fresh cut apples, apple juice, apple sauce and apple cider. An apple a day just might keep the doctor away. Apples are a great source of nutrition and will certainly aid in flushing out your system.

The Detox Salad Recipe

This recipe for detoxing your body is all about using any and every vegetable you can think of to create appetizing salads that you will eat throughout your detox diet campaign. If you like salads, then this detox diet is right up your alley. Salad dressing should be confined to small amounts of virgin olive oil mixed with vinegar.

There are certainly many more detox diet recipes that are available using the target food group that can be found online from several different sources. Many of the online diet sites have hundreds of home detox recipes to chose from.

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