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How Does The Embody Termination Toxins From The Feet

Feeling stressed? Out of balance?  Aqua Detox is an unusual therapy based on the research of the medical scientist. The Aqua Detox system produces a frequency of positive and negative ions, which gently resonates through the body and stimulates the cells within it. This has the effect of rebalancing the cellular energy, enabling the cells to perform effectively and to release toxins that may have built up.  Toxins can be found in our external environments as well as internally. So many diseases and infections are caused because of internal pollutants inside of our bodies. In order to maintain our health, we must cleanse the body of these harmful toxins. Fortunately, these cleanses can be done easily at home and mostly involve lifestyle modifications.  Reflexology is an ancient natural Health therapy which utilizes energy zones on the hands and feet to provide relief for a variety of illnesses as well as to energize the body system. It has been in practice in China for thousands of years and till today, remains a popular and common therapy in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand and is also increasingly popular in other parts of the world including Europe, Australia and USA.  Who can have Synergies treatments?  Anyone who would like to see a loss of inches or smooth out cellulite can receive treatments. Although women are primarily the clients most often treated, men will have their love handles treated. There are a few contradictions but most individuals are qualified to receive Synergies treatments.  How do Synergies treatments feel?  Synergies treatments are relaxing and invigorating. You are literally receiving a massage. Some clients may even fall asleep because it is so relaxing. The sensation is similar to a deep, invigorating massage. Treatment levels are adjusted for a clients comfort.  Exercise and sweat to release toxins out of the system. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise helps to burn calories which eliminate stored fat in the adipose tissue. Losing weight will prevent heart disease, heart attacks and diabetes. Aerobic exercise also improves respiratory function.  Sweating can occur as a result of exercise or if you prefer to intensify the release of toxins, go to a steam room or sauna. Many who have viruses, fevers, colds or flu symptoms can expedite the healing process by sweating them out of their system. Most major gym chains and YMCAs have one or both of these. If you do not have a membership, it may behoove you to get one. Access to a steam room or sauna is great anytime you want to detox.  Read more: How to Release Toxins in the Body http://www.naturalmedtherapies.com/Templates/aquadetox.html


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