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How Long Does the Human Body Need to Detox

The human body is a complex machine and like any machine, it needs to be kept well oiled and clean so that all the part keep working as they should.

The same is true for the human body. All of the digestion and food and drink intake, along with all the air and gases that we breathe in, it is just as important to remove all of these toxins from our system too.

If we let these toxins build up in our system, then they have can a multitude of effects on our short and long term health. Short term effects include feeling tired, without energy and not sleeping very well. The long term effects are more serious and can include increased risks of diseases such as cancer.

So, how long does the human body need to detox itself?

This depends on the detox diet you go for really. Some of them go for the slow detox approach where it can take several weeks to complete the process. On the other hand, some detox diets go for the rapid detox approach and do it in just a few weeks, however some of these should be carefully reviewed first as they are often done at a detriment to your health.

There is one detox diet called the Master Cleanse. This fantastic diet will detox your body in just 10 days, safely and all-naturally. It has been used by celebs like Beyonce and Robin Quivers to good effect.

When asking yourself how long does the human body need to detox, you need to remember that 10-14 days is a perfectly acceptable time frame for detoxing your body and any longer will just be too frustrating for you and any quicker will be bad for your health.

The main problem with detoxing too quickly, is that the body is only designed to go at a certain speed and will detox itself within a set period of time. The only way you can speed this process up significantly is to push the detox process along with some chemical based detox program. This is very bad for your health and should be avoided.

What diets like the Master Cleanse do, is naturally provide your body with all the nutrients and goodness that it needs to be able to quickly and thoroughly detox in it’s own time. This is the safe option and is definitely the one you want to go for. Also, 10 days is not that long anyway and after this time your body should be fully detoxed once more.

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