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How to Be Fully Detoxified Through the Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath

Cleanse your body and be healthy. Cleansing in this context is not cleansing the exterior parts of the human body. Cleansing is detoxifying the internal organs – getting rid of all those toxins that build-up in the body. One method of detoxification is through using the ionic cleanse foot bath. Undergoing this cleansing method together with some colon cleanse detox will definitely bring-out a very healthy person in you.

The kinds of food that we all eat today are loaded with toxins. The elimination of these wastes is usually through bowel movement. But as the toxins continue to mount, the colon cannot do it alone. The invention of ionic cleanse foot bath was a great respite to the colon – its partner in discarding wastes.

The Ionic cleanse foot bath is a method that will help in getting rid of toxins out of the body through a unit that is placed in the water. Positive and negative electric currents flow into the water. The current creates ions which will cling to the toxins in throughout the body and will pull these wastes out of the body through the feet.

In using the ionic cleanse foot bath you need to allocate 30 minutes for the completion of one session. This session will not complete the detoxification process has most people will need several sessions. You will soak your feet in a tub filled with water. An electrical current will be fed into this tub of water so that the process can be executed. During this 30 minute session with the ionic cleanse foot bath, the ions enter the body and neutralize the acidic wastes. This is the process of reverse osmosis. You just have to wait for the toxins to be eliminated and at the end of 30 minutes you should start to feel the results.

You will notice that the water will change color as the toxins are extracted from your body. The water can have different colors depending on which part of the body the detoxification took effect. When the water turns yellow green, the kidney, bladder, urinary tract and prostate area are detoxified. If the detoxifying effect is from the joints, the water will be orange in color. A liver detoxification will make the water brown or black. The gall bladder is cleansed when the soaking water turns dark green.

Detoxification has both physical and internal benefits. For the physical benefits, you can have pain relief, better sleep and more energy. The immune system will be stronger and you may even experience a certain amount of weight loss. The internal benefits may result in the elimination of parasites inside the body and if you are a smoker it can help to remove all the nasty toxins that are a result of smoking.

You will find that the ionic cleanse foot bath will deliver a number of benefits. You can indulge in this cleansing method in conjunction with colon cleanse detox and you will readily experience a change in your body condition. You will feel the changes and you will enjoy a very healthy life.

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