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How to Get Rid of Corns and Calluses With Lemon Juice

Your feet can be regarded as one of the hardest performing portions of the body because it brings us to other destinations and do various chores. But there will be days when you merely could not do these works because of tired and painful feet. Corns on feet usually are a problem that prevents people from working on the things that they need to complete everyday since it causes pacing such a troublesome job to make.

The areas surrounding the toe nails, between the toes, and also the corners of the feet are the most popular parts where corns grow because these are the areas that would often come in contact with the tension originating from the shoes and socks. Though calluses do not purely come from footwear that are so small, as some would believe, because the rubbing caused by footwear which are loose also produces friction towards the skin during pacing. Getting rid of corns on toes and feet may be done with the help of herbal treatments, application of numerous substances, and above all, taking good care of your feet.

Figuring out in which the corns are situated is going to be quick. Simply massage the foot and then pay attention of the little protrusions, solidified pores, and discolored spots. Clean the feet properly and soak in lukewarm water with drops of lemon and lemon slices will aid soften the corns and loosen up the pores. Once the pores is softened, it will be effortless to rub the pumice stone or emery board on the calluses to aid minimize the decayed, hardened skin. In time, the calluses on toes and feet will start to diminish and go away.

For those who find his or her calluses way too worrisome, the application of a salicylic acid formula may be the answer. Salicylic acid is available in fluid form or in a cream; both can assist loosen the callus making it easier to remove. Soon after cleansing the feet completely, administer the salicylic acid using cotton buds twice every 7 days and place a treated strip over the treated section to cover the corns. Right now there are corn patches that can be bought in pharmacies, but then normal treated tape will do all right especially with small corns on the toes.

After any sort of therapy, keeping the skin moisturized will protect the feet from building up corns all over again. Applying emulsion during the night prior to going to sleep will moisturize the skin of the feet. Bathing the feet in lukewarm sodium water weekly also will help loosen up the tensed muscle tissues of the feet minimizing the load that it feels.

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