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How To Take Care Of Heartburn In Children

Poor gastrointestinal coordination is regarded as the primary cause of heartburn. The condition can also be due to the relaxation of the valve that is located at the very end of the esophageal tract. Other causes include increased pressure on the LES or the lower esophageal sphincter and overeating. In older children, the condition can also be due to allergic reactions to certain food products. To know more about the causes of heartburn, you may visit www.chronic-heartburn.org for more information.

Heartburn Symptoms in Children

Some of the common symptoms of heartburn in children are the following:

* Chest pain is a common symptom of the condition. This occurs as the acid goes through the esophagus. The pain may radiate from the pain to the breastbone and the throat.  * When the acids from the stomach regurgitate back to the esophagus, this can result to a burning sensation on the lower esophagus and throat.  * Infants suffering from the condition sometimes arch their back while being fed.  * Heartburn can also make the child refuse eating.  * Children or infants suffering from heartburn may also vomit due to indigestion.  * Baby colic can also be considered as a symptom of the condition.  * If your child often experience gagging or choking, these too can be due to heartburn conditions.  * There are times when parents see breathing problems as a symptom of a respiratory problem. However, these breathing problems can also be attributed to gastrointestinal conditions.  * Frequent crying and being fussy can also be associated with constant heartburn in infants or children.

Treating Heartburn in Children

As parents, it is not enough to know the causes and the symptoms of the condition. It is also necessary to determine the right treatment for heartburn to relieve the condition in your child. However, you should know that heartburn treatments for children may vary depending on the childs age and the cause of the problem. Elaborate treatment for the condition is not usually required for children suffering from heartburn, as some can overcome the condition as they grow up.

Heartburn remedies can be used to manage the condition in children. One way to do so is to make sure that the child is kept in an upright position after being fed for at least 30 minutes. Another thing that you can try to do is to make your child burp. This is to make sure that the acids in your childs stomach will not make its way to his esophagus. Smaller and frequent feedings are also recommended for children who are prone to heartburn and it would be better to give your child rice cereal.

If these home remedies cannot provide relief for the childs conditions, it would be best to take him to his physician. This will help determine the childs condition by going through an in depth diagnosis. Proper diagnosis can also confirm the severity of the childs condition, as well as the root cause of the problem. After these procedures, proper medications will then be administered to relieve the child from the symptoms of heartburn.

However, in case structural deficiencies are causing heartburn in your child, a surgical procedure might be recommended to obtain a permanent relief against the condition. On the other hand, in case you are experiencing heartburn during pregnancy, your physicians help is of utmost importance as well before self-medicating. This is to ensure that the medications that you will opt for will not cause any harm to you and to the child inside your womb.


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