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Ionic Foot Bath How Does It Work

Perhaps you are now asking yourself: Should I be detoxifying? With todays processed foods, air pollution, poor water quality, not to mention your poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle filled with smoking, drinking, and excessive night outs, you really need to detoxify. What is ionic foot bath and why more and more people are recommending ionic cleansing as the best form of detoxification? To any health program, detoxification is the most important part. Why is that? Detoxification is the process of taking out all harmful toxins from your body so it may function well. Ion cleansing is one form of detoxification. Ion cleanse detox foot bath, for instance, is a natural healing tool now offered in day spas and from other medical practitioners and chiropractors offering the same service.

So how it works? Basically, it is painless, will not use any drugs, and definitely no harmful side effects compared to medical cleansing treatments. An ion cleanse machine is needed to start the cleansing. Since it is a foot bath, expect your feet to be submerged in water. As your feet stay longer inside the machine, the ion cleans machine will gradually attract all toxins out of your body. You should know that similar to the process of reflexology, you feet are the most essential part of the human body connected to almost every vital organ you have. There are over 2000 pores in your feet and these pores can absorb as well as release all toxins that have long stayed in your body due to unhealthy living.

The process is simple. It is like going in a salon for a foot spa. The only difference is that, ionic foot bath does not intend to just clean or soften your feet but actually help your body detoxify and give you a more stress-free, lighter feeling. During your foot bath ion cleanse session you will notice the water to darken the more you let your feet stay submerged in water. This discoloration effect is the toxins from your body. These toxins can be from your kidneys, your liver, or your gall bladder. These three are the most vital organs in the body responsible for shielding your entire system from being affected by the toxins you take in daily. By ion cleanse, you help these organs function well and in general protect yourself from diseases like infection or worst cancer.

Many people testify that ionic foot bath helped them become more health conscious, livelier, and more comfortable despite tons of work. It gave them mental clarity as well as lessen cases of frequent illness. Skin disorders, sudden rashes, constant fatigue, headaches, and even pimples may be eliminated with ion cleansing. Hundreds or even thousands of benefits from ion cleanse have been found. Remember, eating, drinking, and breathing are three of the most common things people do and these three are also the main works of the body that expose you to toxins. If you will just let all the toxins come in and never let them out, just imagine how much toxin you are storing inside your body. The decision is now for you to make if you will ion cleanse today or not.


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