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Ionic Foot Bath Review

Many people are talking about the newest trend in alternative medicine: the ionic foot bath. But is it worth all the hype? This article is going to review this new trend and see if it is really a necessary tool to have at your home. Will it help you improve your health?

To start off, let’s focus on the topic of detoxification. It is known that we live in a very polluted world today, and health specialists have said that our bodies are constantly battling the toxins that we encounter every day. If we want to reach the highest level of health possible, it is necessary to assist our bodies in the cleansing process to remove the toxins. One of the best ways to achieve a good cleanse is by using an ionic foot bath.

But will soaking your feet in an ionic foot bath really improve your overall health? This process is more than just washing your feet, it is a process of stimulating the reflexology points in your feet to gently remove toxins from your body. Many people view a foot bath as spa time– simply soaking their feet in suds to indulge in some pampering time. But, the ionic foot bath is more than just beautifying your feet, it is actually a high-tech process that uses positively charged ions to encourage your body to remove waste through the reflexology points that are located in the soles of your feet.

The ionic detox foot bath is plugged into a regular outlet, and it uses the electricity to gently send a current into the water. This electrical current positively charges the water which will in turn react with the negative toxins in your body. That harmful waste is pulled out through your pores in a concentrated form of sweat– you will actually see the waste accumulating in the water.

There are many benefits to detoxifying and cleansing. As the toxins and waste are removed from your body the blockages in your lymphatic system are cleared, which allows your immune system to function at a higher level. Because your immune system is working better, you will be more healthy and feel better. Additionally, the ionic foot bath removes heavy metals that have accumulated.

The ionic foot bath slightly increases the pH levels in your body, so you have a whole-body cleanse just by soaking your feet. The feet contain the highest concentration of reflexology points in your body, and all of those points are connected to the vital organs that keep you alive and well. As you allow your body to cleanse the organs you will have an increase in energy and vitality, your overall health will improve.

Detoxing on a regular basis will improve your health and cleanse your body. The ionic foot bath is the easiest and most effective way to detoxify, and you can do it from the comforts of your own home!

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