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Ionic Foot Bath Treatment – Negative Ion Foot Spa Detox Therapy to Refresh Your Body and Mind

Alternative health centers are promoting a broader range of treatment options based on client demand. Detoxification using negative ion charge therapy is the basis on which many upscale spas today are offering their clients. But why would one need a ionic foot bath treatment, and what are the suggested health benefits?

In short, both in Canada and the US a large proportion of our diets are comprised of processed foods. Even our “whole” foods are treated with pesticides and non-organic fertilizers to help them grow. The food we eat is often not organic and the air we breathe also is a mechanism whereby you ingest toxins. Detoxification treatments such as the ion detox help restore health and vitality.

How Does Ion Foot Bath Treatment Work?

The foot bath provides negatively charged atoms that bind with oppositely charged particles. Through osmosis, the toxins are excreted through the sweat glands of the feet into the foot bath water. The reaction with the water solution in the bath often results in changes in color and is representative of the Detox process. This relaxing foot bath treatment promotes body and health restoration.

Benefits of Ion Foot Bath Detox Treatment

Those that have experienced a salt bath Detox treatment often report feeling better and more energetic. Also, the process of sitting through an ionic bath naturally allows you to take time out of your busy schedule to relax, as premium spas often have a dedicated room for the therapy session complete with relaxing music to round out the environment.

Additional reported benefits include:

Weight loss and decreased cravings – a tool to fight obesity.

Improved mood (less mood swings)

Improved bowel digestion, metabolism and bowel movements

Improved liver function and a clearer mind and sense of mental well being.

Helps support treatment of a variety of ailments, including; chronic fatigue, diabetes, skin problems, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, depression or anxiety and IBS.

Of course, practicing a healthy lifestyle is a key element to establishing and maintaining whole health.

If you are considering trying an ion foot bath treatment, look for a reputable local spa or treatment center. Ideally, you can undergo the treatment in a private room that provides a tranquil, relaxing environment. Also, ensure that they have the latest ionic bath Detox equipment and that you are comfortable! After all, bathing your feet is about spoiling you in addition to helping you achieve optimum whole health – naturally.

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