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Ionic Foot Bath

Pollution is one of the biggest factors that can bring health hazards to the human race. No matter how you take care of yourself you always end up sick and ailing. You cannot spare the environment from getting polluted. The dirty surrounding is one source of toxins that are in your body. Although your body has inherent properties to naturally get rid of toxins, the amount of this waste is too much for the human system to excrete. Cleansing and detoxification methods such as the ionic foot baths are innovative means to help the body organs and dealing with all this built up waste.

The Ionic Foot Bath use a detoxification process that can help get rid of the toxins that are mounting inside the body. The ionic foot bath stabilizes the cells in the body and the cells aid in disposing unwanted toxins in the body. A session of ionic foot bath is about 30 minutes and within that short span of time, you can begin to feel the benefits. You should feel relaxed, energized and invigorated. Your body will be supplied with renewed energy, mental concentration, improved blood circulation and better metabolism.

We are always surrounded by a lot of pollution that is contained in the environment. The pollution in the environment contains pollutants like chemicals, gases and some compounds, obviously is the gaseous state.

These pollutants get inside our body through breathing and cause a considerable amount of damage. Even when we drink the water and consume food, we need to know that they are also polluted to a certain level. Through the direct or indirect intake of such toxic chemicals and dangerous pollutants, our body starts suffering, slowly and steadily. Detoxification is the process of cleansing of the toxins from our body. The most common way of detoxification is going on a fruit diet. This cleans the body and its systems from within along with nourishing it with the vital nutrients of the fruits. There is another way of detoxification for your body, by using an Ionic foot bath.

For the people who do not want to diet or have difficulty maintaining a diet for detoxification, this is a simpler and easier way. The process of detoxification takes place by using salt water or saline water in conjunction with electrodes. You start with immersion of your feet in lukewarm salt water. Then the electrodes are also immersed in the water carefully so that they do not make any contact with your feet. A very small level of current is then passed through the electrodes with the help of a circuit into the water.

This process brings out the toxins from your body in the ionic way and deposits them in the salt water. An Ionic foot bath removes the dangerous toxins from your body with the help of ions. When these toxins get deposited in the water, the salt water changes its color. The change of color is due to the presence of the toxins in the water that came out of your body through the ionic foot bath.

The ionic detox foot bath resembles any other spa. The ionic detox works for the person’s health in many ways. It is a new technology for the creation of positive and negative ions to re-energize and revitalize the body system. During the procedure of ionic detoxification, the foot bath transmits titillating currents throughout the entire body and at this time the positive ions are released. The concentration of ions thus released neutralizes the wastes and toxins and bring them to the pores of the feet from where they can be eliminated. Thirty minutes soaking can complete this helpful detox procedure.


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