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Ionized Water Benefits For Autistic Individuals

The internal fluids of our body are supposed to have a balance between acidity and alkalinity. This balance ensures proper functioning of the body like metabolism, the immune system, brain functioning etc. Skew too much towards either one and your body will reflect that in the form disease or worsening of already existing conditions like autism. Most autistic children also suffer from oxidative stress. Doctors normally prescribe anti oxidant supplements to relieve the child from that stress; however they ignore the potential therapeutic benefits of ionized water in that connection. Acidity is developed because of the diet, antibiotics and toxicity. As the pH level of autistic children becomes acidic, it produces problems such as malabsorption, dehydration and mineral deficiency.

A water ionizer is a healing water machine that electrolyzes the water into ionic form and concentrates minerals already present in the water (calcium, magnesium, potassium). The ionic form ensures that these minerals become readily available for absorption by the body. The nature of this water is alkaline. Therefore; it fights over acidity by suppressing it and increasing the pH level of the body and striking a balance.

The body gets damaged by free radicals which eat into veins and arteries and wreck havoc with healthy cells. These free radicals are the hallmark of over acidity. Anti oxidants are there to protect us against free radical damage. These antioxidants may be natural i.e. part of our bodies immune system and also in the form off supplements like Vitamin C. Alkaline water from a healing water machine improves the functioning of anti oxidants of both the kinds. It is because of this that drinking water from a healing water machine / water ionizer eliminates more free radicals than otherwise would be possible. Therefore, autistic children receive major health benefits from alkaline ionized water.

How Can an Alkaline Water Ionizer Improve Your Health?  Having talked of the specific benefits of ionized water for those on the autistic spectrum, we now look at the general health benefits of alkaline water.

Restore Cell Function  Ionized water machines produce electrically charged ionized water that can actually onate?electrical current and rejuvenate your cells.

Increase Hydration  Ionized water passes through your tissues more easily because of its smaller molecular clusters. In fact, ionized water is up to six times more hydrating than conventional water!

Neutralize Acids  Is your body overly acidic? Most Americans?bodies are, resulting in a host of health problems. Water ionizers create high pH, ionized water that actually neutralizes acids in your body, lowering your acidity in the process.

Detoxify the Body  Because ionized water carries a negative electrical charge, it acts as a powerful antioxidant in your body ?absorbing the free radicals that can lead to cell dysfunction and other problems.

The bottom line  Any sickness or disease you have can receive major benefits when you use a water ionizer. Enjoy increased energy, improved mental clarity, increased fat burning, disease prevention, and much more.

Autism and Alkaline Water  Several studies indicate alkaline ionized water alleviates complaints associated with mal-digestion, intestinal hyper-fermentation or abnormal bowel movements along with protecting the gastric mucosa form injury after exposure to highly acidic substances. Based on these studies, it is clear that a healing water machine will have a significant role to play in resolving several key health issues for children on the autism spectrum.

A healing water machine / water ionizer addresses the following issues:  ?pH balance  ?mineral balance, esp magnesium, calcium and potassium  ?optimal hydration  ?restoring a healthy digestive tract  ?providing powerful oxidation reduction  ?water becomes about 6 times faster at hydrating at the cellular level

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