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Is There Science Behind Ionic Foot Spas

How the Ionic Foot Spa Works to Remove Toxins From Your Body

When you use the ionic foot spa, you can actually see it working. When you start, the water is clear, but by the time you finish, the water is full of color, letting you know that toxins have been drawn from your body. How does it work? An optimum detox foot bath works by setting up an osmosis condition through which the electrical balance of your body’s cells is restored. Your body normally carries an electrical charge of 70 to 90 millivolts in its cells, but unhealthy living practices and conditions can reduce that charge to 10-20 millivolts, often leading to a feeling of general unhealthiness. Science now tells us that much of the deterioration of our body’s cells, and even cancer, can be partially attributed to the presence of free radicals, oxygen cells with unpaired electrons. The charge of the optimum detox foot bath is made to fill your body with highly charged ions designed to negate those free radicals, resulting in greater overall health and a sense of well-being.

The ionic detox foot bath works by flooding the body with negative ions which are designed to counteract the positive ion buildup and negate free radicals. Most scientists now agree that an abundance of free radicals can lead to serious health effects including cancer.  The Science Behind the Ionic Foot Spa

The scientific process that the optimum ionic foot spa is primarily based on is called osmosis. The same process is used in the medical procedure Peritoneal Dialysis. What this means is that the toxins in your body are excited by electricity to pass out of the body and into the lymphatic system, where they can easily be eliminated as waste. Himalayan Salts are added to the optimum ionic foot bath in order to help the optimizer water array electrode maximize the negative ions in the foot bath solution, accelerating the process. For

Third Party testing for heavy metals of the ionic spa foot bath water and scrapings of the anode ring have revealed heavy metals (excluding iron & nickel from the wear of the cathode rings). The flow of electrons move from the Cathode ring thru the water to the Anode ring where plating occurs. More heavy metals were found in the scrapings of the anode ring then in the water. This is important when testing water for toxins and impurites. Also it is important to test urine since the releasing of cellular waste, metals, toxins occur after the 35 minute ion spa session.

Further details on how the detox foot bath process works, key concepts of the detox foot bath and research.  Conclusion: Ionic Foot Bath

How effective the optimum ionic foot bath will be for each person and in what ways will vary. One thing that is clear, however, is that there is definitely real science behind the optimum detox foot bath system.

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