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Kji Industrial Provides Essence Of Nature At Home

umans are designed to accumulate waste at the feet. That is why feet swell and socks are stained when tired. Accumulated wastes in the body can lead to dropsically legs, fatigue, and even disharmony of the body when metabolism doesn work well. Feet is called a second heart and has a great influence on the circulation of the blood,?as stated by the CEO of KJI Industrial Ki-jin Hong. Starting as an OEM production company of Suzuki Yushi Industrial in 2001, KJI Industrial has researched using sap patch more effectively on our feet.

When trees are heated in a charcoal kiln, the extract within the trees evaporates with smoke. This essence is quickly refrigerated, which finally leaves the extract containing various components. This liquid extracted from tree is called sap or forest sap.

Sap patches use the principle of trees absorbing water. People have lots of accumulated waste in their body because of the polluted environment. Sap patch attached on the sole of the foot absorbs unnecessary waters from the body. This sap patch contains over 20 ingredients including pearl stone, tourmaline, eucalyptus oil, vitamin-C, and etc to help detoxification and radiate negative ions, promoting circulation of blood.

KJI Industrial has developed eight different types of sap patches and has set up a market worldwide. With their company slogan  product appearance can be imitated but not the quality?they are the first to receive FDA approval on foot detox patches. KJI income mostly comes from exports and demonstrated a splendid achievement of 400 million dollar in 2009.

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