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Know your vitamin C

The vitamin C is also known as L-ascorbic acid which is an important form of nutrient in human body. Consumers should know that vitamin C is required in large amount for metabolic reactions in animals and plants. Consumers should know that vitamin C is a natural product produces itself in every organisms and mammals. Users of vitamin C should know that it is essential for guinea pigs and other speices of birds and fishes. Consumers if lacking vitamin C in their diet then user is going to suffer from scurvy in the human body. Consumers should keep the information that vitamin C is used as food additive for commercial purposes in regular life.

Vitamin C helps in reducing oxidative stress along with acting as a cofactor in many vital enzymatic reactions. Actually vitamin C is the pure form of L-enantiomer of ascorbate like other negative form of d-enantiomer containing no physiological significance in the body. Vitamin C helps in improving the antioxidant capacity of humanblood in many people. Animals and plants has the ability of synthesizing vitamin C in their bodies normally. Consumers should know that enzyme helps in converting glucose into vitamin C. In many mammals the biosynthesis done in the kidney such as reptiles and birds. This process of biosynthesis is an important for the formation of vitamin C.

In certain microorganism vitamin C is found as yeast known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae having the ability of synthesising vitamin C from common sugars. Scurvy which produces due to the lack of vitamin C unables the collagen to function in the body. Scurvy also shows its symptoms as liver spots on skin, spongy gums, with bleeding from mucous membranes in the person. Normally user of vitamin C appears pale, weak and depressed in its shortness in the body. consumers should know that the human body contains a limited stock of vitamin C as result has to consume oral consumption of vitamin C for keeping advance stock for the immunity of the body. Consumers can read booklets or visit on website for collecting information about vitamin C.

To read about vitamin c and other information, visit the vitamin e site.

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