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Lifesculpt-laser Lipo With Slim Lipo

LifeSculpt is a new laser lipo or laser liposuction technique which harnesses the power of the laser to melt fat and tighten skin for true laser body sculpting.

For those of us who have watched our diet and exercised and still see fat on our bodies that we do not like, liposuction is a reasonable option to consider. New laser liposuction techniques are less traumatic than older liposuction and results of the new laser liposuction, using the new SlimLipo laser liposuction LifeSculpt technique in my Boston area practice have been excellent.

Because the laser melts fat before removal, laser liposuction leaves smoother skin after liposuction in my experience. Laser lipo using LifeSculpt also tightens the skin during the laser liposuction process, a definite advantage over old time liposuction.

I use the SlimLipo laser lipo LifeSculpt technique because it has many advantages over SmartLipo, Cool Lipo, ProLipo and Lipotherme in my opinion. I believe that the SlimLipo LifeSculpt laser lipo technique is the most effective and safest laser liposuction method available today.

In the article below I will compare the various laser liposuction technologies and try to explain why I use the SlimLipo LifeSculpt method for laser lipo. Once you understand how laser liposuction works and the difference between the various machines, then you will be able to choose which is the best laser liposuction technique for you.

There are very significant differences between the major laser liposuction machines in use today. Because of patent restrictions, many companies have had to use wavelengths that are not the most effective for fat removal. In the article below I will first try to explain the procedure and then describe the technologies used in the most widely used machines.

How Does LifeSculpt Laser Lipo Work?

Older standard liposuction techniques removed fat by inserting a metal tube called a cannula beneath the skin to remove fat by aspiration with high powered suction. The fat cells are actually ruptured and sucked out from beneath the skin. Other supporting tissues beneath the skin are also removed which can lead to lose skin and skin sag after standard old time liposuction. This procedure is quite traumatic and can produce bruising and swelling and post operative pain which can lead to a prolonged recovery. Results for fat removal are excellent, however lack of uniformity of skin appearance and loose skin after the procedure have been reported in as many as 20 % of patients.

The new SlimLipo LifeSculpt laser lipo technique first involves the placement of a tiny laser fiber beneath the skin to melt or liquefy the fat before removal. This allows for a much less traumatic fat removal because much smaller aspiration cannulas can be used and there is less tissue trauma and injury to the non fatty tissues. After the laser fat melting process a small cannula about half the size of the older cannulas is used to remove the liquefied fat.

In addition, the heat generated by the laser causes the skin to tighten, and results in my Boston area patients have shown improved skin tightening following laser liposuction. See before and after pictures of SlimLipo LifeSculpt a href=”http://drseckel.com/laser-body-sculpting/laser-body-sculpting-2/”>laser liposuction for laser body sculpting and mini tummy tuck of abdomen below:

Above: Before and after SlimLipo laser liposuction and mini tummy tuck for laser body sculpting of the abdomen to create a 6 pack appearance.

In addition to liquefaction or melting of fat, many more fat cells are injured by the laser and are reabsorbed by the tissues, so that fat volumes that are removed are typically less using this new technology. In some cases where very small areas of fat need to be removed, the laser liposuction treatment is all that is necessary and no suctioning has to be done.

SlimLipo LifeSculpt Laser Lipo Machine

SlimLipo laser liposuction LifeSculpt technique uses a patented 924nm laser wavelength to melt fat. The 924nm laser is the most specifically and highly absorbed laser wavelength by fat tissue. The 924nm laser melts 3-5 times as much volume of fat as the other wavelengths in use today. The SlimLipo uses a 924nm/975nm blended wavelength for skin tightening effect. See before and after pictures of LifeSculpt laser lipo fat removal and skin tightening to correct double chin below:

Above: before and after Slimlipo laser liposuction of neck and small chin implant to tighten skin and melt fat to correct a double chin.

In the LifeSculpt procedure I use SlimLipo as a tumescent laser liposuction technique which lessens bruising and provides pain control.

SmartLipo MPX Laser liposuction Machine

SmartLipo was the first machine on the market. The original SmartLipo used a 1064nm wavelength to melt fat. The target of the 1064nm is water, thus the SmartLipo melted fat by heating the water in the fat and the fat is melted secondarily.

Recently, SmartLipo MPX has been introduced, which uses a combination 1064nm and a 1320nm laser to improve fat melting. In the resource box below you can link to a video which shows a comparison of the fat melting power of the SlimLipo vs. the SmartLipo MPX technology.

Cool Lipo Laser Liposuction Machine

Cool Lipo uses a 1320nm laser wavelength to dissolve fat. Although the 1320nm wavelength has better fat absorption than the 1064nm wavelength, water is still the primary target of the 1320nm. Thus the fat melting mechanism is the same for the 1320nm as with the 1064nm used in SmartLipo.

Lipotherme Laser Liposuction Machine

Lipotherme is a new entry in this field and uses a 980nm wavelength for fat melting. Again the primary target of the 980nm wavelength is water, so again this new technology melts fat by first heating water rather than by fat absorption of the wavelength.

ProLipo Laser Liposuction Machine

ProLipo laser liposuction also uses a combination of 1064nm and 1319nm laser wavelengths to melt fat. As with other similar devices mentioned above, the primary target of 1064nm and 1319nm is water and has the same disadvantages mentioned earlier.

Why is laser Wavelength So Important in Laser Lipo?

Two major laser liposuction issues that the appropriate laser wavelength solves are:

Efficient Uniform Fat Melting  Safety (Less Thermal Injury or Risk of Burn)

The importance of using the appropriate wavelength to melt fat is that the greater the absorption by the fat of the laser energy, the easier and more complete the fat melting process. This is graphically demonstrated in the video link below:

Laser liposuction video comparing SlimLipo, SmartLipo, Cool Lipo, ProLipo and Lipotherme.

Not only is the 924nm wavelength used in SlimLipo capable of liquefying 3-5 times as much fat per unit of energy as the other technologies, but the fat melting mechanism is entirely different. The 924nm is completely absorbed by fat and a much larger area of fat is dissolved. The other lasers which use water targeted wavelengths have to heat water to boiling and the water the heats and destroys the fat. This water heating process is slower, less efficient and as can be seen in video is essentially chipping away at fat.

The heat generated by the water absorbed lasers is also a concern as the higher temperatures generated by the water heating lasers may be more prone to cause heat injury or burning in the dermis, the deep layer of the skin.

Below is a computer simulation showing the spread of heat to the skin. It is important to keep the heat from affecting the dermis of the skin, as heat transferred to the dermis can cause a skin burn. In the diagram below the laser is shown firing at each wavelength for the same time and same energy level. Note the line that shows dermis above and fat below. The red, yellow and light blue at the tip of the laser fiber show the laser heat being delivered into the tissues.

Notice that only the 924nm used in SlimLipo places all of the heat into the fat which is the appropriate target. Since the skin contains high water content, the 1064nm. 1320nm and 980nm lasers also send heat into the dermis layer of the skin (note yellow and light blue that is heat) in the dermis above the fat. This can lead to skin burns-See photo below:

Above: Picture of heat generated by various laser liposuction wavelengths. Note yellow and light blue above the line into Dermis risks skin injury. The 924nm SlimLipo laser (Top Left) is absorbed by fat and heat is less likely to spill over into the dermis of the skin.

Who Should Do Your LifeSculpt Procedure?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure no matter what the internet marketing campaigns imply. My opinion is that I personally would only want a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon performing this procedure on me or one of my loved ones. This is the advice I give to people who ask about laser liposuction,

Be very careful and study the credentials of your doctor. There are many doctors today who advertise themselves as Cosmetic Surgeons who have never had one day of surgical training. Check the credentials of your doctor by visiting the website of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

There are many Board Certified Dermatologists who do this procedure and I am sure some are very good. However when you have surgery of any kind, it is essential that your doctor has had the appropriate surgical training to take care of you if something goes wrong.

Do your homework and protect yourself. LifeSculpt using SlimLipo laser suction is effective even in older patients as the before and after pictures of SlimLipo laser liposuction of the abdomen in a 70 year old patient show below:

Above: before and after picture of SlimLipo laser liposuction of abdomen in 70 year old patient-note skin tightening as well as fat removal.

For more information on LifeSculpt, SlimLipo and laser liposuction call 978-369-4499 or email us. Read our free newsletter to learn more about plastic surgery, laser and non-surgical face and body rejuvenation, and skin care. Read Save Your Face to learn how to prevent facial aging.

Dr. Seckel  Concord, Massachusetts  Boston, Massachusetts


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