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Magnetic Bracelets and Golf – Are You Still Scared of Pain

Sports and injuries go hand in hand. If you play you tend to get injured. Whether its football, basketball or formula1 you must have seen players falling, colliding and getting hurt. However, in golf no one falls and collides still they get injured. Yes, they do. Their wrists, carpals and bones in hands are the areas that are prone to injuries. Their hands never get wounded but excessive play cause pain which can badly affect their game as well as game plan. Golfers need to practice for long hours to improve their game to come as close as to perfection. However, they need to fight with pains. There are several medicines that can cure pain in no time however; some of them are not allowed by the authorities and others have side effects. Hence, magnetic bracelets are one of the best alternatives majority of golfers are picking to stand against the pain.

Magnetic bracelets are specially made for golfers so that the golfer can meet up their physical as well as aesthetic needs. You will see difference in an ordinary bracelet and a bracelet designed specially for golfers. Manufacturers make light weight bracelets for golfers so that they can drive and stroke with comfort and without any pain. According to experts, magnetic bracelets are very effective if players wear them near the area affected by the pain. Magnetic force prevents the energy along with improving the physical condition of the golfer. If you don’t get injured and your physical condition is stable, you can be sure of embellished performance.

You will come across large number of golfers wearing magnetic bracelets. The reason for their increasing popularity especially among golfers is the fact that they create an ionic balance between forearm tissues and the wrists consequently providing an apt form and condition. Technically, magnets of the bracelets enhance the functionality of iron or ferrous hemoglobin in the red blood cells therefore; tissues and joints of the golfers receive more oxygen thereby decreasing pain. If you’re a golfer and finding cure for pain in your wrist and hand, you should go for magnetic bracelet.

Once you get into the market to get one for you, you will come across various designs, styles and colors. However, the most common material that is being worn by the golfers is gold. Manufacturers are using gold because it is lustrous, soft looking, adds elegance to the personality and flaunt status. The bracelet works for golfers in two ways, first as an ornament and second as healing tool. Moreover, you can wear it anywhere; on the field as well as off the field. Gold bracelets are in demand however; there price range is quite high. But you don’t need to worry as you can find magnetic bracelets made from other materials as well. You can choose bracelets made from titanium, copper, stainless steel, silver, hematite and aluminum. Every material has its own properties, so you can pick the one that suits your needs as well as personality.

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