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Master Cleanse – Squeaky Clean Detox in 10 Days

How would you like to cleanse your body of unwanted pounds and toxic waste and reduce inflammation that causes aching joints? Why not rid your body of the sluggishness that keeps your energy levels from soaring. While restoring it to its normal and healthy status. You can make your body and all its working parts squeaky clean all in just 10 days. Our bodies have become sick and polluted by the things we put into them. We expect them to run properly like a well oiled machine, but we don’t keep up the maintenance that is needed for that. We, like our fine vehicles, also need our oil changed occasionally. We soon begin to feel the sluggishness of toxic buildup in our bodies, but just keep pushing on and on with no relief.

Well I have relief for you! I can show you how to use the master cleanse to clean up your machine, so it will purr like a kitten and be squeaky clean. You will loose pounds of unwanted toxins. No more toxins backing up in our elimination system. No more sluggishness. No more clogged sweat glands. No more aching joints without all that inflammation buildup.

No magic is involved, it just flushes out the internal waste that is putting heavy burdens on every organ in our body. Master cleanse is a program with no harsh drugs. It begins working rapidly cleansing and restoring your body to its natural state of health. You’ll miraculously see pounds of weight drop off . You can loose 1 to 2 pounds everyday. Your skin will begin to take on a healthy glow as the cells are being restored. Often chronic aches and pains will be completely gone. It is a total body rejuvenation in just 10 days!.

It is an awesome feeling to see all that extra dead toxic weight go and the energy levels that you gain in return. You will have a complete new outlook on life.You’ll definitely feel the difference that a complete cleansing and restoration will do for you!

This program shows you a complete step by step process of :what to eat while on the cleanse, how to use the cleanse for weight loss, how to get past the 3 day hump, how to reduce side effects. Included are all the steps needed to make your cleanse successful!

What do you have to loose, except pounds, inches, and that “I’m always so tired” feeling?

For more information go to: http://www.squidoo.com/sqkyclean

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