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Muscle Building Diet Program – Mistakes To Avoid

You’re working hard in the gym. You’re moving massive amounts of weight. You’re doing more cardio than you’ve ever done before but you’re still not making the mass gains that you want. What’s missing? A muscle building diet program! If you are working out hard but not using a sound diet plan then your efforts will fall short. This article will describe the steps you should take to initiate a solid nutritional plan into your lifestyle – one that will help you achieve massive muscle gains!

A common mistake that beginner (and sometimes experienced) bodybuilders make is that they don’t make adequate changes to their diets to meet the new nutritional demands placed on their bodies because of the increased intensity of their workouts. Think about it – if you are taxing your muscles and cardiovascular systems through high intensity training it only makes sense that your body is going to need a better supply of nutrients to keep it going. Fast foods does not equal fast muscle gains.

Another mistake that is often made is not removing junk food, soda, candy, and processed foods from your house. The more of this stuff you have in your house the more tempted you will be to eat it. Take the plunge and get rid of it! These types of foods contain little to no nutritional value that will help you reach your bodybuilding goals. They are for pleasure only – they serve no other purpose and have no place in a bodybuilding diet.

The previous mistake leads into this one…eating whatever and whenever you want to. You can still gain muscle mass when you eat the wrong foods (as long as you are working out hard enough) but at the same time your bodyfat percentage will sky rocket. No 6-pack of abs for you my friend! You may end up looking huge – but never ripped. A muscle building diet program involves a serious change in the types of foods you eat, how often you eat, and when you eat.

Another serious mistake to avoid is that when you are trying to lose weight or bodyfat, don’t go on extremely low calorie diets. This can have a negative effect as it will slow your metabolism to the point where your body won’t burn any more calories. As your body enters this “starvation mode” it will begin to look towards lean muscle for energy thus causing you to lose precious muscle mass. You have to maintain a proper balance of macronutrients when dieting to lose bodyfat to get that shredded look.

In your quest to build the perfect physique it is crucial that you make the necessary changes to your diet, remove all junk food from your house to avoid the temptation of eating it, stop eating whatever and whenever you want and avoid going on extremely low calorie diets. Follow this advice and your efforts in and out of the gym will be well worth it.


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