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Natural Acne Rosacea Skin Care Herbal Home Remedy Treatment Cure

Acne rosacea is characterized by the redness and swelling of the skin. Tiny blood vessels will dilate and expand creating small red lines on the skin. With time, these lines can open and acne rosacea will become more severe. It can be a frustrating and difficult life experience for people affected by acne rosacea.

Although there is no known cure for acne rosacea, there are natural acne rosacea skin care solutions which can lessen the disease and coupled with dietary changes and good eating habits, healthier lifestyle, proper hygiene, proper skin care, acne rosacea can be relieved, soothed and disappear with time.

It has been proven that the use of herbs can alleviate acne rosacea. So having recourse to herbal and natural methods is safe and recommended. A herbal home remedy treatment or cure for acne rosacea can employ the use of herbs like calendula, clivers and burdock which can assist in soothing acne rosacea symptoms. Bitter herbs like barberry and gentian which have been used in traditional chinese medicine can also be used.

The use of herbal teas like dandelion and white mulberry leaves and not forgeting the powerful herbal green tea dried leaves are also helpful to promote the health of the skin and treat acne rosacea.

The explanation for herbal green tea being so incredibly beneficial lies in the fact that the green tea leaf is rich in catechin polyphenols, including that of EGCG, which is a powerful and incredibly useful antioxidant.

The EGCG which can be found in herbal green tea, is beneficial for the heart and circulatory health and support of the body natural resistance to cancer of the bladder, breast, colon, esophagus, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin and stomach. These herbal teas need infusion first in hot water and the extract is used after.

Medicinal plants like aloe vera is also curing and can reduce inflammation, swelling and redness of acne rosacea with regular and consistent use. The extract of aloe vera increases the flow of oxygen to the skin and thus its healing power.

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