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PH Ion Colon Cleanse

Do you know about the process that takes place within your body after you have consumed food? Is it not amazing that our intestine can recognize what is correct and what is not? When we eat food, it goes down our gullet into the stomach where it is subjected to an acidic solution that is released by the walls lining the stomach. Once the food is digested, it is passed on to the small intestine where all the nutrients are extracted. The waste material is passed on to the large intestine which extracts the liquid from it and then sends the semisolid waste via the colon to the rectum for ejecting out of the body.

A bit of the toxic waste remains back on the walls of the colon and over a period of time it hardens. This toxic waste also travels into both the intestines and the stomach and lowers the pH of the acid solution. It is due to this that the stomach cannot digest foods properly which we commonly call as indigestion. pH is nothing but a measure of the basicity or acidity of a solution.

The pH ion colon cleanse contains ionic bentonite clay which is also known as montmorillonite. It helps to increase back the acidity of the stomach fluids so that it can digest food properly. There are various sites on the net from where you can avail of this particular type of colon cleanse. You should remember to follow the instructions provided with the medication carefully.

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