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PH What Is It, How Does It Affect Me, And What Can I Do About It

pH: What is it, how does it affect me, and what can I do about it??

Your body contains complex sets of chemicals that affect everything and every organ in your body. These chemicals store in our blood, our bones, our soft tissue and either enhance or destroy our health. One way that our health is destroyed chemically is by having toxic waste accumulation in the body, creating a state of acidosis. This means that our body is becoming too ACIDIC. Acid is measured in pH, which means Potential of Hydrogen. The opposite of acid is alkaline, and our body should always be in a state of slight alkalinity to ensure proper health. Body pH can be measured in blood, spinal fluid or saliva. Our blood pH should be between 7.36 and 7.44. If it falls below the lower mark, it can become destructive to our health. Our body has a mechanism to maintain that level by depositing or withdrawing acidic or alkaline minerals from our bones, soft tissue, body fluids and saliva. Therefore, saliva is an excellent source as a barometer to see the overall balance of our body’s pH level. Quick measurements using litmus paper on the tongue can tell us the general state of our body. If we are found to be too acidic, we are more prone to degenerative diseases, all forms of cancer, unwanted weight gain, neurological disorders, premature aging, arthritis and certain skin conditions just to name a few. Thankfully, there are several methods of detecting and correcting this imbalance and regaining your health.

The first and easiest way to change your pH levels is to change your dietary habits. Most people don’t understand that most animal protein such as beef, pork, fish and seafood are acidic in nature. Many people take an high protein, low carbohydrate diet lifestyle to try and maintain their weight, however what they don’t realize is that they are putting their body in a dangerous state of acidosis, with potential for more chronic disease. Balance is the key word, and eating more alkalizing vegetables like broccoli, carrots, celery, collard greens, peas and tomatoes can change your health. Avoid corn in high doses, blueberries, plums and prunes as fruit options because they have acidic qualities. Fruits to indulge in include apples, bananas, cantaloupe, grapes and oranges to name a few. Sources of alkalizing proteins include almonds, kidney beans, white beans and lentils. Avoid sodas, for they carry a pH level of approximately 2.5, and are extremely acidic, even if it is diet soda. Fresh fruit juice and mineral water are excellent drinks to consume to maintain an alkaline state. Also, alkalizing minerals in supplement form are found with potassium, cesium, calcium and magnesium. Even certain drugs can alter our acidity, like aspirin for example, along with tobacco, antidepressants and pesticides and herbicides.

More aggressive methods to change our pH levels include herbal detoxification and ion cleansing. Herbal detoxification includes blends of herbs, nutrients and fibers to cleanse the internal system of the body of pollutants. We accumulate toxins and pollutants in our body through the environment (air that we breathe), our food, and just the objects that we touch. They are absorbed into our blood stream, our bones and our soft tissue and accumulate over our lifetime. Another approach is ion cleansing which is a very unique method of eliminating toxins from the body. The process involves utilizing a certain percentage of positive and negative charges that act like a magnet to attach themselves to the toxins in our body, and they get pulled out of our body through the pores of the skin, most notably the feet. The ion cleansing is an easy process that takes 30 minute sessions, twice per week for 6 weeks. Following the six week period, you have a two week grace period, and have a follow up of two visits. Following the cessation of the program, most individuals can maintain their healthy state with 3-4 visits per year, depending on lifestyle, avoidance of junk food and drugs, and proper dietary habits.

The importance of having a healthy lifestyle is becoming more apparent as our research grows. Virtually all degenerative diseases are associated with excess acidity in our body. These include ALL forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, MS and Alzheimer’s disease, kidney stones, unwanted weight gain, premature again, psoriasis and eczema, compromised immune system that allows fungus, parasites and viral infections to thrive, and also arthritis. It’s never too late to change your lifestyle and be healthier for a longer period of time. The test takes 5 seconds to complete. You read it right, it only takes 5 seconds!! What are you waiting for??

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