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Processing & Packaging Machineries – Tablet Press Machine, Vibro Sifter, Capping Machine

Pharmaceutical processing and packaging machineries are widely used equipments for various industries for years. The new innovations as per the requirements are the continuous market growing demands. The equipments are ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic operations. Few of Machines are discussed as below-  Tablet Press Machine Compressing powder to form a tablet is the main function of this machine. Size uniformity and weight accuracy are other features of tablet press. Various types of tablet forming machines are manufactured as per the industrial application requirements. Single rotary tableting machine, double rotary tableting machine, tablet mini press are few of the models have come up with GMP models and used to form tablets in large scale, batch productivity or in small scale for lab testing. Rotary tablet press is used for bulk production and also can be used for batch tableting. Mini tablet press is the best for research and development where the raw material is very costly and need to produce tablet for research and analysis. Even mini tablet press reduces the chances of material wastage when it needs to produce in very less quantity.  Vibro Sifter Another widely used machine for various industries like agro, chemicals, food, pigments, dyes, minerals, mining and petrochemicals apart from pharmaceutical applications of differentiating particles or granules in various sizes. The machine tool is used for material gradation and separation based on gyratory principle to extract out solid from solid or liquid from solid etc. Wire mesh technology or perforated slotted sheets are used for material classification based on various parameters like oversize or undersize, de-lumping, de-dusting, de-watering, separation, gradation etc. The machine is available in various models and features for chemicals and materials processing.  Capping Machine The machine is executed to cap the bottles and vials. The machine is called as Vial PP / Flip-off capping machine to seal the vials following the special standards. ROPP capping machine and Screw capping machines are used for cal sealing of bottles in different ways. ROPP capping machine is also known as Roll on Pilfer Proof capping machine that have come up in semi-automatic and complete automatic mode with single heads, four heads, six heads, eight heads and multi heads capping formation. Screw capping machine is also known as screw capper available in single and multi head screw capping features. The models are developed with different capacities based on the size of bottles and diameter of the bottles. “No bottles – No capping” is a general principal that every machine follows in bottles and vials capping processing and packaging machineries. High quality stainless steel frames and legs give sturdy and long durability to the machines.  Labelling Machine Labelling machine is one of the important packaging machinery that is well known as labeller for industries, which needs extended enhanced features to decorate and illustrate labels with exclusive information about product that plays core role in product marketing. Good labelling with high efficiency can create bulk production in short period for distribution. Semi automatic and fully automatic versions of the labelling machine can be selected as per the industrial requirements. Labeling machines are identified as bottle labelling machine, vial labelling machine, shrink sleeve label applicator and so on. Based on the types of labelling, the machine is categorized as wet glue labelling machine and self adhesive labeler machine that are available and used with varieties of functions and features.


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