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Rhona Silver – Celebrating The Success Of Caterbid With A Hollywood Entry

The taste of success is not new for Rhona Silver nor is her zest for finding new peaks to conquer. This has been proven once again as the catering guru is all set to make her online catering portal, CaterBid.com progress into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Reportedly, Bray Entertainment, which is renowned as the co-creator of the hit TV show Pawn Stars, is to work in association with CaterBid.com to produce a new TV show that will focus on the catering industry. Although the details of the said show have not been revealed, it surely seems to be an exciting idea.

Although Rhona Silver launched CaterBid.com only about a year back, it became an instant hit among people seeking diverse catering solutions for a wide range of events. This innovative brainchild of Ms. Silver has helped to usher the catering industry into the 21st century with the style and grandeur that has been associated with the catering business for long. And now with CaterBid.com set to dbut on the silver screen, it is really a matter of time before people begin to associate with this modern method of event organization which is much more convenient and cost effective.

For this latest venture, CaterBid.com is seeking individuals and companies that are running any kind of catering services across America. People can visit the website to know the details that they need to provide along with their casting video. The invitation is open to all catering business owners between the ages of 25-60 and desirous of making it big in their field. Once again Rhona Silver is proving that she is one person for whom catering is more than just a profession. As she prepares to take her website a step further and add to her vast list of achievements, she surely is also helping numerous caterers to promote their business in the most effective and effortless manner.



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