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Simon Carter Designer Watches, timeless pieces, keeping perfect time

Simon Carter’s reputation stems from his revolutionary approach to cufflink design following his introductory men’s brooches, beginning in the mid to late 80’s. Some of his original designs are considered vintage. Progressing to other popular men’s accessories like wallets, belts, ties and watches seemed like the natural thing to do. And Simon has left his impression on all. Now his designer watches take centre stage, simple, functional, of classical form these timeless pieces keep perfect time and you don’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to operate their functions.

Made in Germany using Swiss or Japanese movements you get double the precision and structural integrity. Germans, Japanese and Swiss are renowned for their engineering prowess and so you’re assured of quality and longevity. The styles revolve around classic forms complimented by the use of modern technology. Some styles have quartz.

A favourite is the classically formed WT815W, handsome and functional. Simon Carter maintains a philosophy of simplicity in this watch, it simply keeps good time: Square stainless steel case and square face, silver sunray dial with Arabic numerals, date window, sweeping seconds hand. The croc leather strap not only firms the watch to wrist, it gleans a touch of elegance and frames perfectly an object of time. This lovely display of style and engineering will harmonise with any outfit, formal or casual, here an important function inherent in Simon’s philosophy of simplicity, a Designer watch for all occasions.

As “retro” trends widen to engulf all forms of fashion accessories, watches by Simon Carter fit the trend and remain true to good form and function. They’re second in popularity to his cufflinks and the range is comprehensive enough to make it easy to select a style.

Going back to Carter’s beginning, when he sold men’s brooches, a trend which is set for revival. Already Vivienne Westwood and other notable brands have a small selection in their seasonal collections. There are few ways a man can express himself, basically, silk ties and Designer cufflinks. Brooches seem a natural progression upwards, sitting on jacket lapel, they could replicate cufflinks and compliment a tie and not look out of place. It would conclude an already comprehensive lifestyle range of accessories. The materials at designer’s hands await its master’s inspiration to transform metal, glass and stones into vibrant artistic form ready for display. Perhaps we can encourage Simon Carter to rekindle.

His revolutionary beginnings gave him solid grounding, and gave way to a more subdued approach. Now he need not make such a splash. Simon has garnered much respect from industry members and consumers. His sound reputation supports his entry into other market areas successfully. The products speak for themselves.

And so completes the lifestyle range, you can own a set of accessories that perform a function or simply used to express yourself, and all affordably.


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