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Study of Dry Skin Care Products Reveals That Most Are Irritating

A study regarding the correlation between pH and the irritant effect of soaps and cleansers marketed for dry skin revealed that most products recommended for sensitive skin cause significant irritation to the protective surface layer of the skin. Consequently, the authors of the study recommended that advertising regulations for sensitive skin products require disclosure of the pH level and the type of cleansers used. However, it is still rare to find a dry skin product with the right pH level and it is wise to take measures to prevent damage. Shielding lotion, a new breakthrough in dry skin care now recommended by hundreds of dermatologists, protects the skin from such irritation.

The study, published in the International Journal of Dermatology, was conducted on 17 products marketed for dry skin and 12 common soaps. The products were applied to the forearm of 30 participants for five consecutive days. The pH of each product was measured and the effects – including redness, scaling and fissures – were recorded and then scored using the Irritation Index. The authors concluded that most of these products caused considerable irritation.

The pH level of normal skin is between 4 and 6.5, which is slightly acidic. Dry skin care products with a pH in that range are generally safe. However, despite the recommendations of this and other studies, most soaps have a pH of 9 to 11. Many moisturizers, toners, peels, lotions and other skin care products also tend to be either too acidic or too alkaline. Household cleansers, another major source of dry skin and irritation, can have a pH as high as 13. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to avoid products that cause skin damage.

However, shielding lotion was designed to handle precisely that problem. According to Dr. Lisa Benest, a board certified dermatologist practicing in Burbank, California, “Every day our skin is exposed to numerous chemicals and irritants just in everyday life – you don’t have to be working in chemicals or with cleaning fluids to have that happen. Shielding lotion provides an invisible barrier onto the skin to help protect us from all these irritants, which can lead to dry skin, eczema and other skin problems.”

The best protection from irritation is to avoid the chemicals that cause it but, for those that cannot be avoided, a shielding lotion gives the protection needed to both treat and help prevent dry skin.

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