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The Benefits of Cleansing Your Body

Contrary to popular belief and some dubious scientific studies, your body may not be functioning as well as it should. Though doctors and scientists will caution against the idea of a body cleanse, this can truly be an important step along the way to good health. By taking the time to learn about products that really work to clean your body of harmful toxins and ions, you can begin to focus on your health and not just what everyone else is saying.


A common name around health concerned groups is IonCleanse. This footbath system works to restore the balance of ions in your body by utilizing one of the most pure sources of balanced ions – water. By sitting your feet in this machine on a daily basis, your body will begin to reestablish the natural balance of ions, creating a more healthy life for you. Also known as BEFE or bioelectrical field enhancement, this kind of therapy is painless, relaxing and easy to do no matter where you are. The regulation of your ions allows the body systems the ability to function properly as well as restores energy to your entire being.


Ioncleanse is different from other footbath systems such as aquadetox and bio cleanse because it uses dual polarity. Dual polarity will allow you to use both positive and negative ions in order to receive the full benefit of a body cleanse. You will be able to switch polarity very easily using our footbath system.

Other Benefits of Ioncleanse

As with any BEFE program, you are attempting to realign your body’s energy, or chi, in order to create a natural state of balance and energy. When your body’s energy is out of balance, it can create a number of problems internally. Cells can become clustered together instead of moving freely, which can lead to an inefficient energy transport system. When your cells aren’t able to perform their job, other parts of the body aren’t able to receive the nutrition that the cells are carrying and thus they can begin to lose their functioning capabilities. What’s more is that non-functioning cells or poorly functioning cells can also lose their ability to remove their own waste or biocleanse on their own, causing disastrous results and even cellular death.


Ioncleanse offers customers two different types of plates to choose from, which help product the ion charges in the water. The 316 plates are the standard plates you will receive when you purchase the system. These plates will allow you to comfortably complete thirty minute sessions each day, while the 304/321 plates offer a higher level of ion concentration, which will cut your time down to twenty minutes per day.


Excellent customer service and EU and FCC approval also make this body cleansing system very attractive to those who are new to the benefits of a biocleanse.

Choosing the system for you

When you’re trying to decide which system is right for you, remember that any body cleanse is one that is going to make your health and your life better. The idea of biocleanse is somewhat new to the health scene, but the science that backs up the claims is strong. If you’re seriously considering a cleansing unit, try to find a local retailer that will allow you to try it out before you buy. There are some retailers that will allow you to do this, and it’s highly recommended. Of course, if you have any outstanding medical conditions, you will want to speak to your doctor before trying the system.

Once you have tried the system, give yourself a few days to see how your body responds, if at all. What you will probably notice is a lighter overall energy as well as fewer low points in your day. If you still feel good in a few days, that might be the only sign you need that tells you to place your order to continue the cleansing effects in your home.

This article was written by Dr. Robert Fleishmann, a board-certified neurologist and specialist in total mind body wellness, and consultant for A Major Difference – makers of the Original IonCleanse , Light Rejuvenizers, and Body Clensing Products.


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