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The Complex Chemical Reactions in a Detox Foot Bath

The more advanced our world gets technologically, the more toxins are released in the air we breathe and get into the foods we eat. Right now the use of chemicals, additives, pesticides, and any number of other toxic materials is more than it has ever been. The more of these things used, the more they attack our bodies and the more we are at risk for chronic and degenerative diseases. Not only that, the body ages faster because of the of free radicals that are getting into our bodies from these toxins.

What this has done is make more and more people aware that they need to do something to detoxify their bodies and look for different ways to do this. There are those who choose to partake in juice, water, or raw food fasts. There is a growing trend in the use of colon cleansing supplements. There are many ways to rid your body of toxins and perhaps one of the more unusual ways is with a detox footbath that detoxifies the body using ions to cause a chemical reaction.

Ions are atoms that are capable of gaining or losing molecules or electrons. When this reaction occurs, they become positively or negatively charged and build a magnetic field around themselves. An ionic detoxification system works on this concept and it includes an array made of stainless steel and other alloys, a machine to carry 17 volts of power to the array, tap water, a large tub that can hold the machine, and purifying salts.

The process itself works when the stainless steel and other metals in the array react with the water and the salts. This creates a series of waves of ions and the water in the tub is separated into oxygen and hydrogen. The ions create a magnetic field that neutralizes any particles that are oppositely charged.

These neutralized particles transfer into the body by what is known as osmosis. Once inside your body, they cling to most of the toxins in your body and extract them through pores in your skin, especially in the feet. A foot detox works because the soles of the feet are considered the biggest pathway into the body and people have been removing toxins through them for years. The science of reflexology teaches that the feet are channels for your body to release toxins and heavy metals from the body.

During the ionic footbath you can actually see this happening as the color of the water changes, indicating the types of toxins that are being purged from your body. These procedures are safe but aren’t for everyone. People with certain chronic diseases should always consult their doctors before considering a detox footbath. There is also a simple test that can be done to determine if you even need one. If this indicates that your body does not need one, you should not have it.

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