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The Detox Foot Bath

The Detox Foot Bath is a miracle treatment for the numerous aches and pains that are never-ending as we age and become less active. While there are multiple arguments ongoing about the validity of the therapy, individual experiences speak for themselves.

What are some of the benefits one would gain from the Detox Foot Bath? Do you have any of the following symptoms?

o Joint pain

o Leg pain

o Aching feet

o Bad complexion

In as few as Three to Thirty individual treatments most users experience a significant decrease in uncomfortable symptoms such as those discussed above,

You need the following supplies:

o A plastic tub

o warm water,

o a comfortable chair,

o thirty minutes,

o the Detox Foot Bath,

o an electrical outlet


o fill the tub with warm water

o plug in the Detox Foot Bath

o place the wrist band on your arm with the button over the inside pulse point

o place the ionizer in the water (make sure it is fully submersed and up-right)

o put your feet in the tub

o set the timer for 30 minutes and relax

The results should be evident in the color of the water, particles floating in the water and an oily film that is difficult to wash out of the tub. This bath includes a diagnostic card that identifies what areas of the body detoxified based on the color of the water. The most common watercolor is a pumpkin orange, but many users have reported dark brown and occasionally yellowish green. The most common benefits after only a few treatments have been less pain and a reduction in skin blemishes.

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