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The History Of Chupa Chups Lollipops

Chupa Chups are among the most amazing lollipops made today. The company started as an idea of a Spanish citizen named Enric Bernat in 1958. Mr. Bernat started his career at an apple jam factory. He approached investors about a lollipop business but they soon left. He took over the company himself and built the first production machines with his own hands. He also decided that the new creation would be called Chupa Chups after the Spanish verb chupar which translates into to suck.

Enric Bernat knew that the bon-bons on a wooden stick would be an instant hit. Previously candy had been marketed as a luxury and kept away from children. However, he knew that if he could get the candy into the view of the child he would sell many more lollipops. Five years after he first introduced the idea the Chupa Chups were being sold at over 300,000 stores across Europe. Sadly, the traditional wooden stick that was associated with the Chupa Chups had to be discontinued due to the lack of wood available in Spain. The stick has remained plastic ever since.

Chupa Chups solved the problem that children had been encountering for years before. They would take candy in and out of their mouth and make their hand extremely sticky. Chupa Chups were originally going to be called GOL but the name did not stick. An advertising firm came up with the idea to name them Chupa and the delightful lollipops were born.

Chupa Chups went international beginning with Asia and Australia in the 1970’s. It soon followed to North America and the rest of Europe. The amazing results led to a high point for the company. During the 2003 calendar year over 4 billion Chupa Chups lollipops were produced. This led to the company doing over half a billion euros in sales in 2003 alone! An interesting part of the business expanded during 1988. Salvador Dali, the infamously famous artist created the new Chupa Chups logo. The logo remains on the wrapper on all of the lollipops to this day. It reminds people of the laid back lifestyle that a Chupa Chup lover can enjoy.

The original Chupa Chups sales force was over 600 sales agents for 300,000 locations. This amazing sales force sped across Spain to bring the good news and delicious taste of the Chupa Chups lollipops to the masses. Without their dedication and excitement, there would be no way that the company could have grown to the massive existence that it is in as of this day. Chupa Chups have survived in a worldwide economy for over fifty years. People all over the world love the delicious flavours that have been produced and will do anything that they can to get another one of the delicious lollipops.

Have you had a Chupa Chup yet today? The lollipops may have started off as a small idea, however, they have only grown in size since their meagre beginnings. Crunch into one of these delicious lollipops today.


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