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The Two Most Important Facts When Purchasing a Chi Machine

Not all chi machines on the market are equal. In order to make the most educated decision about purchasing the correct chi machine, you should be aware of a few simple differences. The primary things you should look for are:

Padded ankle cradles.

If you are lying on your back on the floor with your legs swaying back and forth, you certainly want a well-padded cradle for your ankles. While 15-30 minutes does not sound like a long time, try suspending your feet off the floor about 12 inches on a support that is not padded. Imagine gently swinging your suspended legs for this short period. There is noting worse than being uncomfortable during an exercise session. A fully padded ankle cradle is imperative in order to receive the maximum benefits from each chi machine session

Single or multi-speed motor?

Why do you need at least two speeds on a chi machine? Slow and steady is fine for activating the lymphatic system for Detox purposes. However, for aerobic benefits, the speed has to be fast enough to increase the heart rate. In addition, it makes more sense to oxygenate your body as well as Detox it without changing positions or machines. The right chi machine can give you the benefits of aerobics without impact and the danger of joint or muscle injury.

The facts are that swinging you back and forth in a smooth fluid motion takes a lot of power to do it correctly and continually over a long period. Major complaints about single speed machines were jerky movements and noisy machines.

To reduce stress, make your sessions a lot more productive by selecting the multi-speed motor and heavily padded ankle cradles with your first purchase.

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