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To Hinder Aging and Look More Youthful, Consider a Detoxification

Toxins are one of our greatest health concerns today. Unlike what you may have read, this is not a problem that has come upon humanity in the last few years, but has been with us, especially in our big cities, for centuries. The term “London Fog” was the smog generated in London during the Industrial Revolution, and it wreaked havoc on the health of the people living in London at the time.

Today, of course, we have become more aware of these health risks and with our increased knowledge of what these toxins do to our body; many of us are attempting to do something about it. Toxins are and have been all around us in the form of cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust, chemicals in the foods we eat, plus many other sources as our world becomes smaller. These bring about illnesses such as cardiovascular problems and cancer, but also more immediate problems like allergies, fatigue, weaken immune system, and obesity, to name just a few.

The body, with a healthy liver in the lead, does a wonderful job of keeping these toxins in check. But the systems to control these poisons were developed in our bodies many generations ago at a time when these contaminants we now must regulate were not thought of. Basically, then, our environment has gotten to the point where it overwhelms our systems that was not designed to cope. Depending on how unhealthy a lifestyle you have lived, these toxins have built up to the point where the only way to get completely clean is through a body detoxification.

Toxins can either be internal or external. External toxins would be those contracted from the environment through breathing or, as many people may not suspect, wearing clothing that has toxic substances in the form of coloring that rub off on the skin. They may also come from toxins we ingest with food. Internal toxins are produced internally by the body during its normal daily functions. These are the free radicals that we have all heard about, plus any waste produced by the metabolic processes. Stress can also increase these biochemical toxins.

Be they internal or external toxins, almost everybody needs to detoxify their bodies to function well, stop disease and improve health. Just understanding the detox process and its benefits will make that easy to see. But is it possible to actually reverse aging? To understand how it does is to understand what toxins do in our system.

When toxins are present in your system, they cause dehydration, causing sagging and wrinkles in the skin. To dilute these toxins, the body will retain extra water, which causes bloating, especially in the stomach area. Furthermore, to protect you from these pollutants, your body will keep them locked up in fat cell storage. These poisons will create a drain on your body, sapping it of energy and vitality.

Detoxing your body will eliminate these nasty poisons from your system, causing you to not only feel younger but look much younger. Plus the improved health that flushing your system clean will give you will definitely add years to your life.

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