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Top 5 Body Detox Activities

Going on a detox is a combination of physical activities, relaxation and a healthy diet. There are a variety of activities that you can do that will enhance the detoxifying effects of your plan. Here are 5 of our favorites:

1) Yoga

Practicing yoga first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day. It helps to improve flexibility, enhances the circulation and improves the breathing. It is a gentle set of exercises so is suitable for people of all ages. You could also try the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. This is another discipline for improving the body and mind.

2) Hydrotherapy treatments.

Health spas have always offered hydrotherapy treatments, and for good reason. They are wonderfully relaxing and can help the detoxification process. You can choose to have a Peat/Mud bath, an aromatherapy bath or a steam bath. Even if you are detoxing at home rather than a spa you can buy products to put in the bathtub that will recreate that spa experience. For an extra touch of indulgence light some candles in the bathroom.

3) Brisk Walking

Walking for health is one of the most underrated activities. It improves the circulation and builds the strength and stamina of your heart. Try to walk in an open area away from congestion. Best of all, it’s free.

4) Luxury Time Out

Your detox is a time when you can take a bit of time out for yourself. So switch off the phone, forget about emails and turn off your Blackberry. Just enjoy having the time to read a book or a favorite magazine in peace and quiet.

5) Visualization

This is a popular technique for relaxing the mind. Lie on the floor and completely relax. Then imagine yourself in a safe and happy environment such as a tropical beach. Involve all of your senses in building up the picture. Some people take visualization techniques one stage further and imagine the kind of life that they would like to be leading in the future. This can be useful as the mind can then help you come up with solutions to help you reach your goals.

Use these physical activities and relaxation techniques in combination with your detox diet to get the best results.

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